Which Celebrities Need the Most Skin Care Help?

Skin Care Professionals Discuss Which Celebrities Need the Most Skin Care Help

By Katrina Robinson

It’s easy to forget that celebrities are people, too. They deal with the same issues and self-esteem problems that plague all of us, including those concerning their skin. Even though those celebrities are famous and probably rich, when it comes to skin problems, they’re just like you and me. Check out which celebrities two skin professionals think need some serious skin care.

According to licensed esthetician and co-founder of Ferbs Cosmetics Jennifer Podany, Helen Mirren could use some help with her skin. Exactly what’s wrong with the Oscar-winning actress’s skin? The tattoo on her hand, which Mirren herself as referred to with an air of distaste. Podany states, “While tattoos can be an alluring addition, not all circumstances are appropriate to rock the image. Luckily for those times, we’ve developed a great product…to cover it up. Ferbs Cosmetics is made to conceal the most vibrant tattoo inks, plus it’s super easy to apply, won’t rub off, and is waterproof.

Board certified dermatologist Cynthia Bailey says that one of the celebrities she’d like to help out is actually a politician, and one that has populated many tabloids throughout the years: Bill Clinton. Clinton’s rosacea is a frustrating condition, but Bailey believes she knows the product that will help soothe it: a calming zinc soap with a Clarisonic, Replenix Power of Three. She goes on to say that Clinton “is out in the sun and at risk for skin cancer, so he needs mineral micro zinc oxide sunscreen every day.”

Cameron Diaz is another celebrity that Bailey believes she could help. “As beautiful as she is, [Diaz] must struggle to keep her skin looking great. She is out of the acne age group, but her skin looks acne-like,” Bailey states. She suggests that the actress go on an anti-aging skin care regimen and Retin A as well as either microlaser peels or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) skin treatments.

Cute-as-a-button singer Jesse McCartney is another celebrity that has had his fair share of skin problems. He has acne, and Bailey believes that he could benefit from Calming Zinc, a product from her own skincare line, or the prescription she uses for pityrosporm folliculitis.

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that celebrities are people, just like the rest of us—and sometimes, they have to deal with skin issues, just like we do. However, isn’t it nice to know that there are treatments out there for many of the most common skin problems?


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