5 Secrets to Help you Sleep

sleep, insomnia, sex, viagra, rest, relaxSleep is vital to every aspect of your life.  Sleeping poorly can cause physical aches and pains, trouble concentrating, irritability, and premature aging.  There are some very simple, yet overlooked causes of insomnia.

Don’t reach for the sleeping pills just yet.  Below are 5 easy steps you can take to ensure a better night’s sleep.

#1 – Eliminate Light

A lot of people overlook this very simple element of your environment that could be contributing you poor sleep.  Maybe you have an overly bright digital clock, or maybe it’s the glow from the bathroom night light.  Whatever the source, even minimal light can tell your brain that you are supposed to be active.  Eliminate the light so your brain can hibernate and recover.

#2 – Eliminate Noise

Even though you are asleep, your brain has a natural instinct to protect you by listening for intruders.  However, what you brain considers to be an intruder could be the AC turning on, a dog barking, screeching tires, a branch scratching a window…you get the idea.  Try introducing some white noise to cover up these sounds.  This can be accomplished with a bathroom exhaust fan or a normal box fan in the bedroom.  The air circulation will also help keep your body temperature regulated, which leads to our next secret.

#3 – Temperature

Turn down the temperature and pile on the covers.  If you or your bed partner are hot, it will cause tossing and turning that will disrupt both of your sleep.  The key is to keep the temperature as low as necessary to keep the hot-natured person comfortable.  You can always add more blankets, but you can’t always take more off.Insomnia, sleep, rest, Viagra, relaxation, sleep deprivation

#4 – Don’t Eat before Bed

Eating late at night leaves your stomach heavy and bloated, often making it uncomfortable to sleep.  Along with this, eating and drinking late can cause you to wake up for trips to the bathroom during the night.  Try not to eat within 4 hours of bed time, and your body will have some time to digest and not wake you with a churning gut.

#5 – Sex

Sex is a great way to get the physical exercise needed to make you tired and help your muscles relax when it is time to sleep.  It also releases endorphins and serotonin which make you feel content, pain free, and sleepy.  You and your partner will both be glad that you’ve invested in Viagra after that first sound night of sleep!  If you don’t have a partner to participate in this sleep-aid exercise, you can still get the brain-chemical benefits from handling the job yourself!

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