Treating Seasonal Allergy Symptoms With Flonase

Nasal irritation and inflammation, whether caused by seasonal allergens or not, make life miserable for millions of Americans. For most of them, Flonase offers quick relief.

Many of us suffer from seasonal allergies, and we usually know what triggers most of these allergic reactions. Depending on the time of year, where we live, and whether we’re inside or outside, such allergens might include:
• trees
• grasses
• weeds
• mold spores
• animal dander
• dust mites

But millions of people also suffer from year-round nonallergic nasal symptoms that are caused by inflammation and irritation of the lining of the nose.

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People with this nasal condition, known as rhinitis, can suffer from stuffiness, runny nose, and postnasal drip throughout the year, even when there seems to be no apparent cause for the problem. Now available over the counter, Flonase can provide much need relief for nasal irritations that are caused by both natural allergens, such as weeds and grasses, and nasal problems that seem to have no known cause.

How Flonase Is Better

Flonase relieves the nasal symptoms of seasonal allergies as well as year-round, nonallergic nasal symptoms that may feel like allergies but don’t have a discernible cause. Unlike other nonprescription nasal sprays, Flonase is an anti-inflammatory that reduces the underlying inflammation that causes nasal allergy symptoms. And, while some nasal sprays can become habit-forming, Flonase is a water-based spray that doesn’t have habit-forming characteristics. In addition, Flonase doesn’t create the tendency to want to drowse or sleep that is a common side effect of some allergy medications.

Millions of people suffer with nasal allergies and inflammation, feeling it best to let the problem run its course (but sometimes it never does) instead of seeking treatment for it. But the question that must be asked is, “Why?” Why should someone suffer with a runny nose and post-nasal drip that are a constant nuisance, an inconvenience, and even an embarrassment in certain situations? You don’t need to constantly blow your nose, clear your throat and find a place to spit, and try to scratch the inside of your nose from the outside anymore.

Flonase is effective and well-tolerated by most users. Side effects are a possibility, though they are generally mild. Some Flonase side effects might include:
• headache
• sore throat
• nosebleed
• blood in nasal mucus

Less common Flonase side effects can include:
• abdominal pain
• diarrhea
• fever
• aches and pains
• dizziness
• bronchitis

Please remember that both prescription and over-the-counter medications may potentially cause side effects, although some patients experience no side effects at all. If the symptoms of nasal irritation described above are familiar to you, Flonase may offer the relief for which you’ve been searching.

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