How to Keep Your Home Allergy Free

Holidays, Allergies, sneezing, antihistamines, coughing, sore throatIt seems impossible to keep your allergies at bay this time of year. With all the unpacking of holiday boxes from the attic to the constant temperature change and ranging pollens outdoor it seems that having a Kleenex box handy is just part of life.

You obviously can’t stop the leaves from molding or from the in-laws from wearing too much perfume but here are a few ways you can arm yourself from the holiday allergies.

Vacuum Frequently

Make sure to vacuum your house frequently to pick up any allergens that have come in from your walks outside. Many vacuum cleaner types offer vacuum bags that are thicker and better at keeping dust and sniffle starters locked in the bag instead of just recirculating them in the air.

Wash Your Sheets

Washing your bed sheets weekly can cut down on tons of dust and other yucky stuff from billowing around you while you slumber. Using an allergen relief laundry detergent and dryer sheets can also make your sleep a little happier.

Mask Up

When cleaning your home, try wearing a surgical mask or something of the like to keep theHolidays, Allergies, sneezing, antihistamines, coughing, sore throat dust bunnies and pollen sprinkles away from your nose and mouth. It may seem silly but it does work quite well when dusting or sweeping. When dusting, always use a wet washcloth or something that will pick up the dust and not just throw it back into the air.

Take Your Pill

If you are plagued with constant sniffling, sneezing and itchy eyes, try a gentle antihistamine like Benadryl. It works like a charm and will not only ease your allergies but also let you rest better. For daytime, I have always found that Claritin and Allegra work wonders and don’t give you a sore throat like most antihistamines do.

Strong Scents Belong Outside

When the allergies are in full force, there isn’t anything worse than strong smells and odors. When your relatives come by this season try to give them a heads up on your allergy problem and ask that they do not wear strong perfumes. If that is just not real life, a humidifier can alleviate a lot of the sneezing by added moisture to the inside of your nose. Another way to help with sneezing is to put a little Vaseline or Vicks vapor rub along the outside of your nose. By keeping your nose moist you will cut down on the constant irritation and itching.

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