Tarik Y. Farrag, MD


Dr. Farrag has over 15 years of experience in practicing Medicine. He graduated from the Prestigious Institution, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. During Dr. Farrag’s time at Hopkins, he was honored to author over 30 peer-reviewed publications and performed over 30 national and international conference presentations. He has authored numerous textbook chapters and has been recognized by several national and international societies, receiving awards for his work.

Dr. Farrag specializes in the surgical management of cancers in the Head and Neck region, Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery, Robotic Surgery, as well as Facial Plastics and Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgery. His tendency to confront and resolve challenges had attracted him to this very complex area of the body. He has also mentored Medical Students and Physicians in training who have become well-accomplished Physicians. Dr. Farrag has been featured in several national and international magazines and newspapers, including Facial Plastic Times, Physicians’ Weekly, ENToday, among other titles.

Dr. Farrag holds memberships with multiple prestigious Physicians’ societies and is a Reviewer in several highly-ranked scientific journals as a scientific judge to review articles and studies submitted by scientists around the world for publication. In addition, his scientific work had involved advanced laboratory research, animal studies, patient clinical trials, as well as investigating new treatment modalities while collaborating with the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dr. Farrag grew up with wonderful and caring parents and an incredibly warm and loving family environment. They taught him that most of a person’s value and success in life stems from the services that the person performs to help others. These values have been ingrained in him to help patients and given him a strong desire to accomplish success by lowering or eliminating their suffering. He always will look forward to having patients safely return to a comfortable and functional level, and to bring a smile back to their face.