Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Cures for Erection Problems: Better Health and Sex Life

Are you as fit as you were 20 years ago? Can you run as fast as you once could? Do you feel like you’re in the best shape for your life? Many older men would say no.

But don’t worry; there are ways for you to stay in the game as you age. That’s especially true when it comes to sex.

Older men can struggle with erectile dysfunction for a variety of reasons. Erectile dysfunction can be a complex problem. Certain medical conditions, treatments, and medications can trigger the condition. The causes of erectile dysfunction can include cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, diabetes, prostate treatments, and surgery.

However, there is hope. Men can benefit from a variety of natural cures for erectile dysfunction. The following tips may help you improve your health and sex life:

• Start exercising. You don’t have to do high impact exercises to achieve positive results. A Harvard study showed that as little as 30 minutes of walking per day could decrease the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 41%. Several studies have shown that moderate exercise can improve sexual stamina and performance.

• Improve your diet. Men with erectile dysfunction can benefit from adopting a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains. For best results, try to limit your consumption of red meat, processed foods, and sugary drinks. Studies have indicated that vitamin B12 deficiency may contribute to erectile dysfunction symptoms. Supplements and nutritious foods can increase your vitamin levels and improve your sexual vitality.

• Monitor your vascular health. Conditions such as high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels, and high cholesterol can lead to heart attack, stroke, and erectile dysfunction. Cardiovascular conditions can be life threatening, so it’s important to monitor your vascular health. Visit your doctor to determine if your numbers are within a healthy range. Attend regular checkups to catch potential problems early. If your doctor finds that you have a cardiovascular condition, there are lifestyle changes and prescription medications that can improve your overall health and sexual function.

• Lose weight and keep it off. Weight loss can improve your sexual health. Studies have shown that men with 42-inch waists are at increased risk for erectile dysfunction. This may be because excess fat interferes with normal hormone production. Regardless of the reason, it’s clear that you can help prevent erectile dysfunction by losing fat and maintaining a healthy weight. Weight loss also benefits your overall health by preventing other chronic health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

• Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Strong pelvic floor muscles can enhance the firmness of your erections and help you maintain hard erections for longer periods. A British study showed that twice-daily Kegel exercises improved male sexual function when combined with healthy lifestyle choices alone. You still need to quit smoking, limit your alcohol consumption, lose weight, and monitor your cardiovascular health. However, Kegel exercises can help give your erections an extra boost.