Zumba Your Way to a Perfect Body

Zumba, it’s the latest, greatest, most high energy workout out there and the craze is spreading. I can’t walk down the street or see a bulletin board in a coffee shop without seeing postings for Zumba classes all around towns. Most gyms are even offering multiple classes daily for those on different time schedules. Even while flipping through TV stations, you may be noticing the Zumba craze spreading like a wildfire. It’s even got its own 30 to 45 minute slots on regular cable. So what is this Zumba all about?

Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!

With a motto like, “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party.” it’s bound to offer a good time. But what exactly does Zumba have to offer you? Everywhere you look you see Zumba being talked about and advertised. The Today Show had Kathie Lee shaking her stuff with some folks in the Plaza, on Access America Celebrity Zumba instructor Gina Grant shows Access Hollywood Host Shaun Robison how to get slim for summer, and even the magazine Seventeen has raved about the latest way to shake your fat off. Its broadcast everywhere teenagers, adults, and elderly look.

Have Fun Looking Good!

Zumba is high paced, high energy, super sexy, and internationally driven. It is simply dancing to upbeat international music. Remember when you were growing up (or last week) when you cranked up the music and danced your butt off for 30 minutes after getting home from work. Basically, that’s Zumba. Of course Zumba instructors guide you to do more structured moves to help you tone up and feel better faster. All in all, Zumba is going to the club with your girlfriends and not caring who’s watching and dancing until you cannot do it anymore. It is fun, exciting, goofy, and a great way to get healthy and hang out with your favorite ladies or men.

Do to the high paced nature of this international craze, it is advised to consult your doctor prior to beginning any new exercise programs. Always drink and eat healthy before and after Zumba. Don’t go exercise directly after having a meal. Try eating a nice high protein, low carb meal after Zumba to give your health an extra boost. Check your local gym or TV to see if Zumba is right for you!

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