Dieting Improves Sex Life

It’s common knowledge that being obese is extremely unhealthy. There are several health dangers associated with obesity, including increased risk of various cancers and increased risk of death. Losing weight and improving one’s physical condition can decrease these risks. Additionally, according to a recent study, dieting can lead to an improved sex life.

Obesity has been shown to increase a man’s likelihood of infertility, as it tends to decrease sperm count. It has also been shown to increase the levels of estrogen, while decreasing the levels of the male sex hormone testosterone. In the same manner, dieting has been associated with an increase in testosterone levels, and conversely, a decline in estrogen. This change in hormone levels is the basis of a new study citing an improved sex life after weight loss.

The study, conducted by the University of Utah, evaluated 64 middle-aged, severely obese men. While a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater is considered obese, the average BMI of this group of men was 46. Men who underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose weight experienced improved sex lives, and a greater quality of life in general.

While this study shows that Dieting can lead to an improved sexual quality of life in men, but it is not known if similar results would be seen in women, as the link between hormones and sex drive in women is less strong. More obese women than obese men actually report sexual impairment, but studies cite psychological issues like low self-esteem as the cause.

No matter how it is achieved, dieting improves overall health. However, many obese individuals lack the motivation to lose weight. While the many health benefits of a lower BMI should be sufficient on their own, perhaps the idea of an improved sex life will be a motivating factor to help obese men lose weight.

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