Top 3 Little-Known Fat Traps At Restaurants

Keep these fat-avoiding tips in mind when eating out.
Trying to eat healthy at restaurants isn’t always easy. While some restaurants have become more transparent about calorie counts, many still keep those stats a secret.

Plus, “everything at a restaurant is 10 times more decadent than what you make at home,” says Adam Roberts, author of the book “Secrets of The Best Chefs.”

To stay on track and eat out, check out these three fat traps from CNN:

1.) Don’t dip your bread.
A lot of restaurants offer bread and a fancy array of olive oil and herbs to dip it in.

If you think swirling bread around in olive oil is healthy, think again.

“It’s still all fat and it’s calorie dense, and bread soaks it up like a sponge,” says Wendy Bazilian, author of the book “The SuperFoods RxDiet.” Dip and devour two slices and you’ll be at around 380 calories or “75 to 90 percent of what most women should have for the whole meal,” notes Cynthia Sass, author of the book “S.A.S.S! Yourself Slim.”

2.) Be wary of salads
Eating leafy greens is a good idea, but some salads have quite a calorie count. Cobb and Caesar salads can be fat traps. You should avoid any salad with goat cheese too. A lot of calories are in the dressing; so if you order a salad, get the dressing on the side.

3.) Watch the veggies

Not every move a chef makes is listed on the menu. Be sure to ask the wait staff if you have questions.

A new cooking trend is to drizzle veggies in butter and saute them in butter, which racks up the calories. Some chefs are even tossing veggies in bacon drippings to kick up some flavor, but that fun fact is often not mentioned on the menu. To avoid this trap, ask for “dry vegetables.” You’ll get steamed veggies, without the additions.

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