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Face Milestone Birthdays in the 2020s with Healthy ED Prevention

Kick off the 2020s with a resolution to change your lifestyle for the better. Such changes can significantly improve your overall health and fire up your sex life as well. 

The dawn of a new decade might just be the perfect time for men to make a life-changing resolution. And no resolution could have more far-reaching consequences than a decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Lifestyle modification can have significant effects on your overall health, especially heart health, and it might just fire up your love life as well. As you’ve read before in this blog, what’s good for the heart is good for the penis, and vice versa.

Milestone Birthdays

No matter what your age might be, it’s certain that you’ll be facing a milestone birthday (as in the big 5-0) at some point during the 2020s. To give yourself the best gift of all, resolve to make some of the following changes in the decade ahead.

Get a Head-to-Toe Checkup: If you’ve been avoiding the doctor lately, now’s a good time to have yourself checked out from head to toe. That way you’ll know where you’re starting on the journey to a new you. If you don’t already have a cardiologist, ask your doctor to refer you to one or to at least order cardiac testing to make sure your heart’s in good shape.

Make Sure Your Immunizations Are Up to Date: Did you get your flu shot last fall? If not and you’re still flu-free, it’s not too late to get one now. Check with your doctor to make sure you’re protected against the flu, pneumonia, shingles, and other illnesses that can be prevented with a vaccine.

Eat a Healthier Diet: The most important step one can take toward better health is to improve your diet. Cut out the fast food. To maintain and even build muscle, you’ll need a fair amount of protein each day. But red meat isn’t the only source of protein. Instead, consider eating more beans, lentils, seeds, and nuts. The Mediterranean diet is hardly the only healthy eating plan around, but it does offer a framework that you can build on.

Get Off Your Butt: A regular regimen of physical activity is the perfect complement to healthy eating, and together they’re probably the most important positive steps to better health. And better health leads to better sex. If you’ve been mostly sedentary up until now, ask your doctor to advise you about how to get started, gradually building up your exercise program as you gain strength.

Kick the Smoking Habit: If you’re a smoker, shame on you. Smoking leads to high blood pressure and endothelial dysfunction, both of which can cause erectile dysfunction — and much worse. If you’ve never smoked, keep it that way.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption: A drink or two now and then is probably no problem, but if you’re having difficulty moderating your alcohol intake, it could be a sign that you’d be better off not drinking at all.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep . . . Every Night: To function properly, your body needs seven to nine hours of sleep every night. If you’re not getting enough sleep, make the changes necessary to remedy that problem.

Shed Those Excess Pounds: Being overweight or even obese puts an extra strain on your heart and vascular system. And that’s the enemy of optimal erectile function. Resolve to lose that excess weight, and enlist your doctor’s help to come up with a manageable plan to reach that goal.

Use ED Drugs If Needed: If you’re already having some erection problems, hopefully, the recommended lifestyle changes above will help you to regain normal erectile function. But until then, ED drugs such as Viagra and Cialis (or their generic equivalents) can help to ensure you’re still able to perform in the bedroom. To learn more about the advantages of ordering these drugs online, pay a visit to’s Erectile Dysfunction page.

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