Can Beer Help You in Bed?

Certain compounds found in beer may have the power to increase sexual health for men and enjoyment for women.


Beer is a beverage enjoyed by many adults across the world, and with the recent surge in craft beer production and micro-breweries, there are more options than ever if you’re looking for a cold one. In fact, beer production has been documented by archeologists and historians to date back to the fifth millennium BC, making it one of the most popular beverages in human history.

Part of the attraction to beer is that the alcohol it contains produces calming effects when consumed in small portions. Many people enjoy having a beer or two upon arriving home from a stressful day at work, while others choose to consume more on weekends or when out with friends. People also enjoy alcohol at special events, such as weddings and other celebrations, to unwind and celebrate; however, did you know that beer can potentially help men when it comes to sex?

How Beer Helps in the Bedroom

There are many positive effects beer can produce for the sexual health of men. First, it has the power to loosen inhibitions, allowing men with anxiety about sex or their bodies to be more free to give in to sexual desire. This can potentially go on to help these men in the future overcome sexual anxiety without beer. By seeing that they can enjoy sex, be themselves, and be proud of their bodies, the use of beer won’t be required down the road.

When consumed responsibly, beer also has the potential to strengthen the heart and cardiovascular system. Medical professionals agree that two standard drinks per day is acceptable and healthy for men as the alcohol and mineral contained in beer can assist in protecting against heart disease. Keep in mind that a standard drink refers to a beer that contains %5 ABV or less, a 1.5 ounce shot of liquor, or a standard glass of wine.

Beer, enjoyed in moderation, can help with sexual satisfaction.


Beer also contains phytoestrogens, compounds that can delay orgasm and allow men to last longer in bed. This means that men who suffer from problems with premature ejaculation may be able to reduce their concerns. Keep in mind that consuming alcohol can also lead to a slight loss of sensation or difficulty concentrating, so while you may last longer on the whole, you may have difficulty achieving orgasm, whether you plan on it or not.

Depending on how dark your beer is, you also may have less of a chance of developing stomach pain, cramps, or other digestive issues during sex. Because sex is typically a rigorous activity, it’s easy for beer drinkers to find themselves with upset stomachs before, during, and after having sex. Darker beers have proven to reduce this problem due to probiotics and B vitamins. Some beer manufacturers also include supplements in their products to assist in strengthening overall health.

In many ways, beer is also a good way to meet a potential future partner. A great number of serious relationships that turned into marriages started due to alcohol as people meet at social functions that involve alcohol. What starts out as a friendly or even flirtatious conversation at a bar, party, or social event may eventually lead to something more serious. So, even though beer does not have a direct impact on sex in this situation, its indirect impact may provide beer-drinking men with the opportunity to have an enhanced sex life later in life.

But Not Too Much

Of course, for each benefit that beer can bring to your sex life, there is a negative potential side effect. For example, while beer may loosen you up and help to wash away anxiety and inhibitions, drinking too much may lead you to doing or saying something you will end up regretting. Many men (and women) have found themselves drinking too much, getting into bed with people they wouldn’t have had sex with while sober, and then regretting it the next day, the next year, or even longer. When used responsibly, alcohol can be an aphrodisiac, but when too much is consumed, you can end up making serious problems for yourself.

Although beer has the potential to make it easier to achieve an erection, men who drink too much prior to getting into bed may find the opposite to be true. As mentioned earlier, drinking too much can lead to distracted thinking, the inability to focus, and physiological symptoms that make it very difficult to achieve or maintain an erection. This condition can then be complicated by the fact that the drunk man suffering from it begins to try harder to concentrate on the problem, thus making it worse.

Because alcohol can cloud judgment when consumed in large quantities, it can also lead to misunderstandings and even abuse. A man who has had too much to drink may take an innocent comment to mean something serious and end up losing control of his temper. What started out as a playful conversation can turn into an argument in bed very quickly, and for some men, alcohol turns them into abusive monsters. Of course, women can experience the same effects after drinking too much, so it’s important for both of you to be responsible.

Chronic or Excessive Alcohol Use Bad for Sex Life

Also, just as beer can possibly limit an upset stomach, too much, no matter how light or dark, can cause nausea, vomiting, and other unpleasant effects. The human body is not designed to ingest alcohol as alcohol is actually a poison. Ingesting too much of it causes the digestive system to essentially kick everything out at a certain point in order to avoid a fatal overload. Your digestive system may also work differently while drunk depending on what you’ve eaten recently. So, heed this warning … if you just ate hot wings and chili cheese fries and then consumed a 12-pack of beer, sex might not be the best idea. Throwing up on your partner during intercourse or having to stop to run to the bathroom with diarrhea is going to kill the mood faster than just about anything.

Finally, if you choose to drink beer for its potential to help you in bed, you have to be careful as alcohol has been proven to be addictive in some people. Alcoholism often starts off slow, with people consuming a drink here and there. Over time, this turns into a daily occurrence. Then, alcohol becomes something that is consumed in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Some alcoholics even wake up in the middle of the night to drink just to stabilize themselves. In late-stage alcoholism, the alcoholic will think of nothing but drinking, often selling everything they own to get more money to buy booze.

This is not to say that drinking to get in the mood and loosen up is going to result in alcoholism, but if you’re relying on alcohol to have sex, then you run the risk of developing a pattern of abuse. Just be careful and responsible. If you feel that you have a problem with alcohol, speak with your doctor to discuss the issue in detail. Treatment options are available.

Can beer help you in bed?

Drinking too much beer before engaging in sexual activity can have disappointing results.

What About Other Forms of Alcohol?

Is beer the only form of alcohol that produces benefits for men in the bedroom? In a way, yes. Alcohol found in liquor has a tendency to be absorbed faster and in greater quantities than the alcohol found in beer. This is because liquor typically contains much higher levels of alcohol in concentrated forms when compared to beer. You could take ten shots in 30 seconds, but you couldn’t drink 10 beers in thirty seconds. Even if you could, the alcohol content is lower and is mixed with other ingredients, meaning the liver would take a lot longer to filter all of the alcohol, so the effects would take longer to come on.

Also, because liquor drinks are absorbed faster, they have a tendency to cause drunkenness. Often, the drinker doesn’t feel the effects until after a few shots, but by then, they’ve taken a few more, meaning additional inebriation is soon to follow. This leads to drunkenness and many of the potential problems mentioned above.

Wine may be a better alternative to liquor, but it still traditionally has a much higher alcohol content when compared to beer. Although red wine has been touted for years as the alcohol of choice for heart health, scientists now believe that alcohol in general, including beer, when consumed in acceptable quantities, carries the same potential cardiovascular benefits; however, consuming too much alcohol in any form can be detrimental to physical, mental, and sexual health.

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