Where Can I Get Organic Lube Products?

When your sex life starts picking up as a result of the great medications we have at eDrugstore, you might want to try one of our own sensual lubricants, both of which are specially designed for either men or women.

Stimula is the name of the brand that we sell, and this prescription product is perfect for men or women who are trying to correct a sexual issue in their lives, or who want extra sensitivity enhancement.

The Stimula for Men product is designed to promote ejaculation control, allowing you and your partner to prolong lovemaking for as long as you want.

The Stimula for Women product is designed specifically to enhance the sensitivity of a woman’s skin, enhancing lovemaking beyond the intensity it’s already at.

Either of these products might be exactly what you’re looking for!

Other Products That Might Fit Your Needs
If you want to preserve the level of sensitivity that you currently have, and you don’t feel you want to try one of our Stimula products, we’d still like to provide you with some information, so we can help fit your needs as best as possible.

Many people are most comfortable with an organic product, and today we’re going to cover some of the popular organic products on the market.

Why Use Organics?
Sometimes people have skin irritation problems, and these problems are often caused by additives that come in normal lubricants.

If you experience skin irritation in the genital area after sex, it might be a result of problems caused by normal lubricants.

The lubricants themselves aren’t bad products, but the genitals are full of thousands of sensitive receptors that need a unique balance of oils. The skin on your genitals is also made to be extra absorbent, for the uptake of hormones and biological fluids during sex.

All of these factors make the skin on your genitals especially prone to irritation.

Picking the Right Organic Product
When you pick organic products, you don’t have to settle for less functionality than you’d normally you get. You also aren’t going to be forced to use a product with less-than-satisfying results.

In fact, you can still get the same blood flow enhancement that you get with other products! Just look for L-Orthinine and L-Arginine in the ingredient list. These two ingredients will increase blood flow and enhance sensation for women, but they don’t have irritating side effects.

In general, organic products will use herbal extracts to provide aroma and enhance the experience. Common ingredients include peppermint oil, natural damiana, Aloe leaf extract, Lemon grass extract, and other seed and flower oils.

Let us know if you want one of our specially-formulated Stimula lubricants!

Also, if you find that you’re happy with an organic product, let us know why you were pleased with your purchase!

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