Stimula Sexual Lubricant for Men: The Inside Scoop

Stimula for Men is designed to prolong sexual enjoyment.

Stimula for Men is designed to prolong sexual enjoyment.

What Is Stimula for Men?

Stimula for Men is a sexual lubricant that is sold without a prescription. It comes packaged in a tin of 12 individual, easy-open packets for convenience. It is designed to work as a lubricant and to increase sexual stamina in men.

Stimula for Men is water-based and water-soluble and will not affect the materials used to make condoms. It is also odorless, non-greasy, and won’t leave stains. Furthermore, Stimula for Men does not cause either a burning or cooling sensation when it is applied.

How Does Stimula for Men Work?

Stimula for Men is designed to help men have better control over ejaculation, extending sexual activity for longer than usual. Many men use this product to help them address premature ejaculation. Another common technique used by men with premature ejaculation is use of a condom, and Stimula for Men can be used safely along with a condom to help prolong sexual function even more.

What Effect Does Stimula Have on the Body?

Stimula for Men’s effects are localized, since it is applied topically. If you use it, you don’t have to worry about systemic effects as you would with, for example, medication taken in pill form. Sometimes men who have premature ejaculation are prescribed certain antidepressant medications that belong to a class called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). These drugs include Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft. In these cases, the drugs are not prescribed due to depression, but are prescribed off-label because a common side effect of SSRIs is inhibited orgasm, which helps delay ejaculation.

With Stimula for Men, you don’t have to worry about the possible side effects that could result from taking SSRIs. Stimula for Men is applied locally and does not affect any other part of you, except perhaps your confidence!

For Best Results

Men who want to delay ejaculation can use several techniques to prolong sexual activity. Shallow breathing or holding the breath can make premature ejaculation worse, and concentration on full, steady breathing can help delay ejaculation. Additionally, men can exercise the pelvic floor muscles regularly to allow better control of ejaculation. Of course, these techniques can be used with Stimula for Men as well.

Stimula for Women is also available, to increase her enjoyment.

Stimula for Women is also available, to increase her enjoyment.

Just a little Stimula for Men goes a long way. You may not need the entire contents of the individual packet, but experimentation is encouraged.

You can also use Stimula for Men while your female partner uses Stimula for Women. Stimula for Women is designed to heighten sensation for women, helping her achieve satisfaction. Stimula products are based on the concept that sexual lubricant shouldn’t be a “one size fits all” category, and has created products specially formulated for men and women to help maximize enjoyment for both. is an online medical facilitator that sells prescription medications, as well as non-prescription products like Stimula for Men and Stimula for Women. is committed to customer privacy and online security, and ships products quickly (often on the same day the order is placed) and discreetly using trusted shipping services like FedEx.

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