Study: Extra counseling doesn’t help smokers quit

There is no question that cigarettes are addictive. Thousands of people try to quit each year, but can’t because of the addictive chemicals. While there are products to help people kick the habit, a new study shows an increase in counseling isn’t the best way to help.

More counseling, not the answer

Smokers have a ton of options to help them stop smoking. While some people swear by the gum and patches, studies have shown a combination of techinuques, including counseling, can help. In response to this idea, the University of Nottingham’s UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies decided to boost the phone support given to people that wanted to quit.

Rather than having people randomly call into the quit line when they needed help, counselors were more proactive and called smokers to offer encouragement and support.

Overall the study concluded that offering free proactive counseling to smokers was no more effective than the standard reactive quit line support.

“This important trial has shed useful light on how telephone quit lines can be used to help smokers wanting to quit. I think the results highlight just how hard it is for most people to break their addiction to tobacco and just how powerful and damaging a drug this is,” Professor Tim Coleman said.

“On the basis of this study, giving out free telephone counseling just doesn’t seem to work. It brings into sharp relief the need to find other ways of using quit lines to help smokers and reduce the terrible effects smoking has on people’s lives.”

Zyban, another option

Zyban is a prescription medication that is designed to help smokers quit. This pill does not put more nicotine into the body like patches or gums. Smokers continue to smoke when starting this medication and gradually cut back on cigarettes in time.

According to the results reported during clinical trials, “treatment with Zyban reduced withdrawal symptoms like, frustration, anger and anxiety.”

Zyban is available through Edrugstore.

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