How to Find an Honest, Reliable Online Pharmacy You Can Trust

The Safe Way For Skeptics To Order Online Prescriptions

Are you having trouble finding an online pharmacy you can trust? One that gives you an online prescription for the same authentic drugs that you’d find at your neighborhood pharmacy, but at a far lower cost? With the large number of disreputable online pharmacies operating on the Internet today, it’s not surprising that consumers are bewildered and skeptical.

With this in mind, we have prepared a list of dos and don’ts to follow when looking for and ordering from an online pharmacy. By keeping these tips in mind, even an Internet skeptic can enjoy all the benefits of getting an online prescription at a lower cost without compromising on health and safety.

In addition, we have compiled some useful resources and links on the subject of online pharmacies and the best way to safely get an online prescription. We hope it helps you learn about and explore various online pharmacy options.

Online Pharmacy Dos:

  • Check with your doctor before purchasing drugs from an online pharmacy. More than anyone else, your doctor is aware of your medical history and can advise you if a particular medication is suitable for you. And if you have a serious medical condition, it is even more important to inform your doctor before obtaining an online prescription.


  • Always check to see that the online pharmacy is staffed by fully licensed professional pharmacists. Reputable online pharmacies, such as, offer a no-obligation online consultation and encourage consumers to submit questions to the website’s pharmacists and physicians to clear any concerns they may have regarding their online prescription.


  • Make sure the online pharmacy you select sells only FDA-approved medication. Before ordering an online prescription, also check to see if the website clearly states that the products it sells are made by the bona fide manufacturers of the drug.


  • Watch out for counterfeit drugs. There have been numerous cases where online pharmacies have sold counterfeit or fake drugs. These are often ineffective or dangerous to your health. When you receive your online prescription, check the delivery carefully to ensure that the package appears genuine and has not been broken or tampered with.
  • All online pharmacies should clearly post their privacy and security policies on their site. Make sure you read these carefully before providing any sensitive information such as your credit card details and medical history.
  • Be extra careful if purchasing drugs from online pharmacies located outside the US. With overseas online pharmacies, there is no way to ensure that the product you ordered is genuine. It is very likely that the drug has not been manufactured, stored, packaged, and shipped under the same safety standards outlined by the FDA. Some foreign online pharmacies also sell drugs that have been banned in the US.
  • Do enjoy the time you save when you order from an online pharmacy! Remember – with an online prescription, you won’t spend time traveling to and from the neighborhood drugstore or waiting in line for your prescription.

Online Pharmacy Don’ts:

  • Don’t consider using online pharmacies that are not US-licensed to write and fill an online prescription.
  • Never accept an online prescription for drugs that have not been approved by the FDA. These may not work as indicated or could harm your health and may even be life-threatening.
  • Don’t purchase anything from an online pharmacy that has an ambiguous privacy policy or that fails to clearly assure you how they will protect your personal information.
  • Don’t purchase from online pharmacies that make unrealistic claims about miracle drugs.
  • Don’t be fooled by online pharmacies that advertise unrealistically low prices for their products. They could be fake, counterfeit or illegal drugs.
  • Never accept or take drugs if you suspect that the package has been tampered with or broken, or if the product inside doesn’t look right. Notify the online pharmacy’s customer service department immediately if you suspect a problem.
  • Don’t keep quiet if the online pharmacy you ordered from fails to deliver your order or if you find unexplained or unauthorized charges on your credit card statement. If you believe that an online pharmacy has engaged in unlawful pharmaceutical sales, do not hesitate to notify the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Online Pharmacy Resources

  • The FDA strongly recommends that consumers who buy medicine online should choose an online pharmacy that requires a prescription and has licensed pharmacists available to answer questions. For a comprehensive list of tips and information from the FDA about how to select an online pharmacy and obtain an online prescription, see this section of their website: Buying Medicines and Medical Products Online.
  • Online pharmacies as well as traditional pharmacies are regulated mainly by the individual pharmacy boards in the states where the businesses operate. Many of these state boards are also responsible for licensing out-of-state online pharmacies that ship drugs into their state. For a complete list of the US state boards of pharmacy that regulate online pharmacies, visit this page on the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy site.
  • When dealing with an online pharmacy, you will be required to disclose some private information, such as medical history, credit card details and other personally-identifying information. It is essential to safeguard both your information and your personal computer when ordering an online prescription. For useful tips on how to guard against Internet fraud, go to, a consumer protection service sponsored by the US Federal Trade Commission.

By following these suggestions and visiting some of the online pharmacy resources above, you’ll be better equipped to take advantage of everything that online pharmacies have to offer, without jeopardizing either your health or your privacy.

For even more information about how to select a professional and reliable online pharmacy and key points to consider when ordering your online prescription, visit the online pharmacy knowledge base at

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