Study: Nasonex may be safest for children

When a child is sick a parent wants to do anything they can to help them, but some over the counter treatments may not be the answer.  In fact, some researchers believe that nasal sprays may actually suppress a child’s growth.

“When my son isn’t feeling well I want to give him whatever I can to kick the bug out of his system,” Shanya Wisthers said.  “However, I always check with his doctor first because I don’t want to pick the wrong medication or use medication when I shouldn’t at all.”

According to a recent poll, 91% of specialists surveyed said they considered growth suppression the most important potential side effect associated with nasal steroids. And a similar proportion 88% said the selection of a nasal steroid for a child should be based on its low potential for adverse effects on growth.

Researchers now believe Nasonex is the best choice for children, which does not contain the ingredients believed to harm a child’s growth rate.

“I honestly didn’t know there was any difference at all when it comes to nasal sprays,” Wisthers said.  “I just assumed they were all the same ingredients just under different name brands.”

Dr Chris Corrigan, Honorary Consultant Physician and Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Academic Department of Respiratory Medicine & Allergy at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’s School of Medicine says, “It seems sensible to use a preparation that couples maximum efficacy with minimal side effects, particularly in patients who are battling other health conditions.”

A poll showed 39% of specialists rated Nasonex as being ‘very appropriate’ for kids.

“It’s good to know that doctors are keeping an eye on over the counter kids medicine,” Wisthers said.  “I count on the advice of experts to keep my son safe.”

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