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Do Erection Problems Ever Go Away On Their Own?

Erection problems happen to almost every man at least occasionally. However, when they become the rule and not the exception, it’s time to seek professional help. Fortunately, erectile dysfunction drugs can help most men overcome those problems when they become entrenched.

You’re not alone if you experience occasional or even more frequent difficulties achieving and maintaining an erection. Most men will have erection problems at one time or another. Although it’s not technically normal, it’s a lot more common than you probably think.

One of the prevailing concerns about erection difficulties is whether it will happen again. And if it does, then naturally you may wonder whether it will resolve on its own, or if you need to see your doctor.

For men who experience difficulty once or twice, it’s generally considered a situational, isolated event. But even when difficulties become more regular, you still may have nothing to worry about.

There is a lot involved with erectile health and function. Sometimes even the smallest of issues can interrupt the process. And when the issue is resolved, your erections may return to normal again.

Causes of Erection Difficulties

Erections are the result of a complex, interconnected process that begins in the brain. When your brain receives the signals of sexual stimulation, it sends those signals on a journey. They travel down the spine to a set of nerves in the lower spine, and then to the penis.

From there, a series of chemical reactions increase blood flow to the penis, while temporarily blocking the flow of blood back out again. Spongy chambers along the length of the penis become engorged with blood and stay that way until sexual climax is reached or when the stimulation stops.

Because the erection process begins in the brain, something as simple as too much stress can interfere. Although stress on its own is not a direct cause of erection problems, it can create a mindset where you are not receptive to stimulation in the first place. If the signal isn’t processed by the brain to create an erection, it never has a chance to begin.

If stress is a cause, taking steps toward reducing it may help return your erection health back to normal again. Get plenty of exercise, and work on relationship issues if any exist.

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Changing some habits may help improve erectile health.

Some of the foods you eat may also play a role. Although the research is still new, Everyday Health says a chemical called bisphenol-A, or BPA, can inhibit sex hormones in some men. This chemical is found in some canned food linings. It’s also found in plastic drink containers labeled with the number “7.”

Eat fresh foods whenever you can, and kick the bottled water habit. You can filter water at home, and use your own bottle that doesn’t have BPA. When BPA levels are reduced, erection health may recover.

Bike riding may be another problem. Of course you need exercise to stay healthy, but extended riding on a small, uncomfortable seat can put pressure on the nerves and blood vessels that supply the penis.

If you must ride a bike, think about getting a new seat that reduces pressure. Some special seats are shaped like a “U,” and help distribute your weight away from the delicate nerves and blood vessels.

Other Trouble Areas

There was a time when most erection problems were presumed to be psychological. But times have changed, and the Mayo Clinic explains that erection problems often arise because of an underlying medical condition you may not even be aware of. In other cases, you may be aware of the condition but totally clueless as to its association with your erection problems.

Depending on the condition, erection health may, or may not, return to normal without some lifestyle changes and perhaps medication.

Being overweight affects erection health in different ways. Weight itself may not impair erections, but health conditions that result from being overweight may be to blame. Losing weight, however, may give you marked improvement. You may also need medication.

High cholesterol and blood vessel blockages prevent the healthy flow of blood throughout the body. The vessels that supply the penis are much smaller and may fall prey to blockages before larger vessels do. For this reason, some doctors consider erection problems an early-warning sign of heart disease.

Type 2 diabetes can also result from being overweight. Two common complications that type 2 diabetics experience are nerve and blood vessel damage. Where nerves and blood vessels don’t function properly, erection health can suffer.

Smoking restricts blood flow and contributes to heart disease. If you smoke, quitting may help your erections improve or even return to normal.

If you’ve had prostate cancer, prostate surgery, or suffered an injury to your lower spine or penis, erections may become more difficult or impossible. When the physical elements of an erection are damaged in this way, medical intervention may be your best option. More surgery is sometimes required, but erection health medications may also help.

Anything that directly affects the penis or a part of the body that helps create an erection can interfere with your sex life. Correcting the problem can return erections to normal again, but that may require the help of your doctor.

Safe and Effective Drug Options

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Erection problems can affect men at any age.

Erection problems are nothing new. Men have suffered with the same issues since the dawn of time. Fortunately, the medications that treat these issues are new. Better yet, they are effective and well-tolerated.

PDE5 inhibitors step in where lifestyle changes aren’t enough to restore erectile function to normal. This category of medications includes the commonly known Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis. It also includes the newer drugs, Staxyn and Stendra, as well as the more recently introduced generic equivalents of Viagra and Cialis.

Each of these erectile dysfunction drugs works in a similar way. They help circumvent existing erection problems and increase blood flow to the penis. Instead of causing an erection to happen spontaneously, they work around existing physiological problems, thus allowing an erection to develop the old-fashioned way.

Although similar in several ways, each of these drugs has its own unique chemical composition. Some work faster than others, and some stay active in your system for as much as 36 hours. Some are best taken with — or without — food, while others have no dietary restrictions at all. If you want to try an ED drug, your doctor can help determine which one is best for you.

Some erection problems happen as a side effect of certain habits or conditions. And in many cases, kicking the habit or correcting the underlying condition can return erectile function to normal. If you’re worried about erection problems, the best thing you can do is talk with your doctor. Narrowing down the cause isn’t always easy, but finding relief might be. PDE5 inhibitors aren’t right for everyone, as a few men can’t take them safely. But for most men, this category of medications intervenes where lifestyle changes don’t.

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