How Should Charlie Sheen Quit Smoking?

How Should Charlie Sheen Quit Smoking? Health Professionals Speak Out
by Katrina Robinson

Charlie Sheen has been all over the place lately—on our televisions, in our tabloids. There is almost no way to avoid him…and the cigarette that he always seems to be smoking. In countless interviews and appearances, in between his ranting and rambling, Sheen chain smokes. It’s hard to imagine him without a cigarette in his hand. The following four health professionals know how harmful smoking can be—and they have a few ideas about how Sheen can stop smoking.

Clinical hypnotist and doctor of psychology Nancy Irwin would turn to hypnosis to banish Sheen’s habit. “I am an ex-smoker myself and have freed hundreds of smokers in the past eight years from that deadly habit,” Irwin states. However, Sheen would have to really want it in order for the hypnosis to work. If he really wants it, Irwin is sure hypnosis could help him quit—after all, she has a “90% success rate.”

Matthew Bucklin says that he has already tried to help Sheen to quit. “I sent him a box of Quit Tea. Not only would Quit Tea calm him down, but it would help him detox, regenerate his lungs, and suppress his appetite so he can keep that scrawny figure,” Bucklin says. It would help him quit smoking and calm him down? That seems almost too good to be true.

Nutritional therapist Margaux J. Rathbun thinks that the way to quit smoking is simple—go green! “I was a smoker for over ten years,” Rathbun confesses. “Just like Charlie Sheen, cigarettes and I were an inseparable pair. So, what helped me kick the smoking habit? The color green…eating and drinking everything green, that is. Green foods are loaded with vital nutrients that help heal and promote optimal health in the body, especially if we are smokers. Anytime I got a craving for a smoke, I would munch on some crunchy kale chips that I had baked from scratch. This all-green diet energized me, helped me lose weight, and kicked my nicotine cravings to the curb! My advice to Charlie? Ditch the Tiger Blood….you’ll be winning with a green diet!”

Tobacco Treatment Specialist VJ Sleight knows how hard it is to quit smoking. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” Sleight says. “My job is to help show the client that they really do want to quit. For Charlie—I would encourage him to think about the effect his smoking is having on his children because of secondhand smoke, and talk to him about the kind of role model he is portraying. After we have established his motivation, since he has a propensity to use other substances, my guess is he is highly physically addicted to nicotine, so I would load him up on combination cessation medications, depending on his medical/mental health history. The behavioral part will be the most problematic—I would enlist the help of his goddesses to distract him when he has break through cravings,” Sleight concludes. Good idea to get the goddesses involved! So far, this plan seems like the most realistic.

If all else fails, maybe he should just kick-the habit by buying Zyban at

There you have it, Sheen fans—ideas from four health professionals how the bi-winning Charlie Sheen can kick the smoking habit—for good!

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