Why Bald Is Cool But Going Bald Is Not: Blame Hollywood

How Pop Culture Drove Me To Propecia

I got interested in Propecia because I am losing my hair, and I hate everything about it. I even hate the stupid expression, "losing my hair", as if I carry my hair around in a briefcase and then forget it on the subway.

I didn’t "lose" anything. My hair decided to quit working, and Propecia is here to remind it that its job isn’t done yet.

Don’t get me wrong. Before I looked into Propecia, I thought I could cope with the minor insults my body was playing on me. Every balding guy knows the hormonal "bait and switch" that goes on, how your chest decides it no longer wants to be smooth, and you get carpeting there when you really want the fuzz up on the roof. And no man forgets the time he feels that first sunburn up there.

No, I take Propecia because I could be all right with hair loss myself – it’s the rest of the world, particularly Hollywood, that seems to have a problem with the balding man.

Propecia and Image: I Blame Hollywood

I take Propecia because like many a middle-aged man, I look for that significant other on dating websites like PlentyofFish.com (where a lovely prospect can read how nice I am before she discovers I eat most meals on a TV tray in front of Law and Order re-runs). And sometimes I don’t like what I read. Women whose ads proclaim: "No bald guys." Do you think women would like a guy writing in his ad, "No fat chicks"?

So yes, I take Propecia to fight that bias. I take Propecia because the learning curve on how we’re really decent men is at a 90-degree angle. The truth is there are cool hairy guys, and cool bald guys, but there really are no cool balding guys. Think about it. Propecia wasn’t around years ago, but consider all the icons who look great bald, but not balding.

Sean Connery was going bald but still had to wear a toupee for his first Bond movie. You think anyone would "make it so" for Patrick Stewart if there was more white dust on that dome? Of course, not. Remember Yul Brynner? It would be The Magnificent Six if the story started while he was still in the process of losing his hair. He didn’t have a remedy like Propecia, so instead, we see that magnificent shaved skull under a black ten-gallon hat.

The worst Die Hard movie of the bunch, the second one, was when poor Bruce Willis was going bald in Die Harder — not bald as in Die Hard With a Vengeance or clean shaved in the new Live Free or Die Hard or the upcoming For the Love of God, Just Die Already.

The American symbol is a bald eagle. Not a balding eagle. And while we’re at it, can you think of a balding superhero? Anyone?

Even villains look cool when fully bald. You hear about riots of neo-Nazi skinheads. How seriously could you take a band of neo-Nazi comb-overs?

Yes, the world might have been saved from Lex Luthor if he got a prescription for Propecia in time, but once he chose the eggshell look, the branding was done (and hey, the guy did have other issues…)

But these icons all had great faces and character lines going for them first! I readily confess that I don’t have the good looks of a model, and odds are, neither do you. Guys like us need our hair. Every portrait needs a frame, and that’s what hair does. It’s why I take Propecia, the only FDA-approved pill for male pattern baldness.

Think it’s vain to reclaim your hair? I say the other choice – shaving your head – can be just as vain. It’s a daily hassle, and it doesn’t always work out.

Propecia and Reclaiming Your Body Image

Before I took Propecia, I tried shaving my head once. I can’t say I was too pleased with the result, since I looked like a big, gangly baby. The weird thing is some women love to touch your shaved scalp. These women must get a real charge out of feeling peaches at the supermarket.

For a couple of months, I thought I could be cool with a shaved head until I was in a shop one day, buying a box of Chinese tea cups, and I tripped. There was a tinkling in the box like tiny bells, and someone turned around and shoved a dollar bill in my pocket, assuming I was a Hare Krishna begging for change. That’s when I looked into Propecia.

We have to face the soft, silky, lustrous and full-bodied fact that women and even men prefer to run our fingers through our hair. If you want to feel stubble, go feel your jaw where stubble is supposed to be, not on your head.

Now that I take Propecia, I look in the mirror and like 66% of men in the research study, I see hair growing out again on the top of my noggin and mid-scalp area. Not fuzz, actual growing hair. And this happened after taking only one pill a day for three months. I look in that mirror and say, "Welcome back, boys! I missed you!"

Propecia grew back my confidence one follicle at a time. And you better believe I posted new photos of myself on that dating website. And got better responses. Thanks to Propecia, I’m not eating dinners at home anymore, I’m going out – and I have to take time out for the occasional haircut.

The snip of scissors beats the growl of a razor any day.

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