Top 5 Reasons to try Propecia

Reviewed by Daniel Williams, MD

Propecia (Finasteride) is the only FDA-approved, daily oral therapy treatment option that currently exists for adult males suffering from pattern-baldness. It may be surprising to know that half of all adult males will experience hair loss at some point during their lives. Baldness and thinning hair often begin in the early 20’s.

Thankfully, there are forms of very effective treatments out there, so before you make the decision to get some kind of painful hair procedure done, check out the top five reasons why you should try Propecia first!

1. The makers of Propecia have concluded a five-year clinical testing trial to accurately study just how effective their breakthrough product works. The tests results were rather astounding, and showed a documented 70% success rate in patients

2. Two-thirds of those using Propecia have reported significant hair re-growth during the first three to four months taking the drug

3. Propecia is a very safe to product to use, and most of the common side effects only occurred in 2% of those during clinical trials. Furthermore, the side effects even stopped in most of the patients when they continued to use the drug.

4. Propecia is easy to take. Propecia is only to be taken as directed by your physician, but most often you the dosage will be prescribed as one pill by mouth daily—very simple indeed.

5. Propecia is especially easy to order online. Simply visit the leading online pharmacy,, to order a prescription of Propecia today, from their U.S. licensed doctors and pharmacists. You no longer have to cover your hair loss! There is treatment available, and will work for most people most of the time, including you!

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