Top 5 Dating websites for balding men

couplelove Let’s face it: most bald guys, unless their testosterone levels are just through the roof, lack confidence when it comes to dating. But online dating, like buying Propecia for baldness through an online pharmacy, can be the best way to deal with the confidence issue. Some good online dating sites for bald men to try include.

Plenty of Fish – This free site (not just to join, but to use) has posts from and about bald guys, with a zillion women to pick from. – It should be kind of obvious that the majority of bald guys are older men, so this site is good to try.

Yahoo Personals –  This site has millions of women, many of whom like the look of the shorn dome.

Sassy Seniors –  This site has mature women who,  if they don’t especially like the bald look, are old enough to care more about what’s under that scalp than what’s on it.

Mature Singles Only –  Another good site for the older crowd, with ladies who respect the stress and aging that made a guy’s head bald to begin with.

So there is hope, guys! There are millions of ladies out there who like the look and feel of a smooth head. Check into some of these sites and go get ‘em!

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