Battling Hair Loss? Shave it Off, Study Shows Shaved Heads Are Hot

A new study shows men with shaved heads are perceived as being more masculine, taller and stronger – but not as attractive as a man with thick locks.

Three studies, same results

Researchers conducted three different studies, each asking participants to rate men with various amounts of hair.

Are men with shaved heads more attractive? Study says yes.

“The results were consistent across all three studies,” said Albert Mannes, a lecturer at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania who conducted the study.

The study suggests men who are balding, might be better of taking a razor and shaving it all off.

“I’m not recommending that men with thick full heads of hair shave their heads, because even if they gain in terms of dominance, they lose in terms of attractiveness,” Mannes said. “But if you’re balding, you might want to just finish what mother nature started and take it all off. You might be surprised by the positive effects.”

Hollywood helps

Experts think the ‘shaved head look’ is more appealing because of Hollywood. In several TV series and in movies, a man with a shaved head is typically a tough guy. Take Vin Diesel or Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, for example. Both men have shaved heads and both are seen as sexy and masculine in the movies.

“Take, for instance, Bryan Cranston on ‘Breaking Bad.’ He went from high school teacher to hardcore drug lord just by shaving his head,” Mannes said.

Courageous or Crazy?

For men who decide to break out a bic and shave, the question remains: Is it courageous or crazy?

There are several treatments for hair loss, talk with your doctor for more information.

“It takes a lot of confidence to go the route of baldness, so we think they must be really self-confident,” Mannes told ABC News.

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