Getting The Grass To Grow Again

Reviewed by Daniel Williams, MD

Every two weeks at the barbershop I have to ask two important questions:
“Yo, Sergio! You see any gray?” and “How’s the grass growin’ up top?”

Sergio and I go way back; he’s been cutting my hair since I was a kid, so I trust him. And let’s face it, you better trust a guy with a razor sharp blade and a hot towel!

I ask these questions because I’m afraid one day my hairline will begin a healthy eight inches above my eyebrows, just like Sergio’s. And I don’t want to end up being that guy who throws in the hot towel and shaves my head because I’m too self-conscious about a receding hairline. Unless you’re Shaquille O’Neal, you don’t look even better with a shaved head anyway…

Hair Where We Don’t Want It
Isn’t it funny how our bodies change the older we get. Our hair, or lack of it, is the perfect example of how life can imitate a Seinfeld episode. While our hairlines recede and foreheads get bigger the older we get, for some reason our nose hairs grow at an alarming rate. Before long, the hair in our ears begins to sprout like some type of organic vegetable.

Then there’s that random “mystery” patch of hair you find on your body, say, like when you were scratching, or plucking a nipple hair or something.

“Hey, wait a minute, where the heck did that come from?” you might ask yourself one day as you scope out your shoulder. And let’s not even get started discussing the Sasquatch thing some guys have on their backs.

Not Enough Hair Where We Want It
To put it simply, why do we have to grow the hair we don’t want and lose the hair we really need? And is there something I can take to help me regrow my hair? Well, I asked my trusty barber, Sergio, for the answer.

“Yeah, Propecia!” he replied in between his usual whistling.
“I’m not taking your order from The Italian Kitchen, Sergio, I’m asking if there’s anything I can take to stop my hair from falling out!”

“That’s right, you gotta take a pill called Propecia!” he repeated.
Sergio went on to tell me that Propecia can help grow back some of the hair that men lose and help maintain the hair they still have left.

“And when it comes to hair, I know all about it, don’t even get me started!” Sergio boasted.

Re-Growing Your Hair
And as it turns out, Sergio is an expert on Propecia because he uses it.

“I make my order online, fast, simple, and easy, which gives me more time to worry about other people’s heads,” he said.

Sergio gets his Propecia at, which not only carries Propecia, but a wide variety of prescription drugs, all of which can be ordered discreetly from the privacy of your own home 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I suppose Sergio is an expert on hair after all! So now that I learned a thing or two from the expert, I’m going to tell my friends about today. Anyone in Sergio’s situation should consider trying Propecia while there’s still hair on top of his or her head to save!

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