Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Loss Pill: Propecia

Men who use Propecia should be aware that the drug in rare cases can cause erectile dysfunction (ED).
Wondering about propecia? Read on to learn more about it.
Hair loss can impact men at any age. It has the ability to take a toll on a man’s self esteem, but there are options that can reverse hair loss. One of the most commonly prescribed medications to treat male pattern baldness is Propecia. has put together a list of frequently asked questions about the medication to keep men informed about their options.

How does Propecia work?

Doctors believe hair loss happens when a substance called dihydrotesterone (DHT) begins to shrink hair follicles.  Propecia stops DHT and in turn stops hair from falling out. 

It not only stops hair loss, it also stimulates the scalp and encourages new hair growth.  The medication treats mild to moderate male pattern baldness at the top and sides of the head, however it doesn’t help with receding hairlines.

How well does Propecia workd?
Propecia is a once daily pill that is taken for three months or more before you see results. Clinical studies have shown 9 out of 10 men who take Propecia had visible results.

What kind of statistics support the success rate of this medication?
2 out of 3 men regrew hair while taking Propecia
A majority of men said their hair looked and felt thicker while taking the medication
Men are likely to see their hair stop falling out

Are there side effects?

Men taking Propecia are medically proven to regrow hair.
Men taking Propecia are medically proven to regrow hair.

According to Propeica’s website, a small number of men had sexual side effects like loss of desire and difficulty getting an erection.  The side effects were found in about 2% of patients and the problems did go away once a man stopped taking the medication.  Pregnant women also shouldn’t handle the pill.  The ingredients that make up the medication can have harmful effects on a fetus, but only when the pill is crushed or broken.

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