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March 2020 Pharmacy prices for Propecia and Finasteride

The average prices for the popular hair loss medications edged downward in March 2020. And prices for both Propecia and finasteride are down sharply from their levels in July 2019. 

The average prices of Propecia and its generic equivalent, finasteride, inched slightly downward in March, according to data from Secure Medical’s monthly review of select prescription drug prices.

Medical scientists continue to search for a cure to the problem of male pattern baldness, but until they find that magic bullet, these two drugs are your best bet for combating hair loss.

Problem Is Widespread

And hair loss is a widespread problem for men. The American Hair Loss Association says that two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of hair loss by the age of 35. By age 50, roughly 85 percent of all men will have “significantly thinning hair.”

The average price of a 100 mg tablet — the recommended daily dose — of Propecia dropped four cents in March 2020, falling to $4.35 from its average price of $4.39 in February.

The price of Propecia’s generic counterpart, finasteride, decreased nine cents in March, dropping to $1.91 from $2.00 in February.

Costs for a Month’s Supply

Depending on whether you’re treating your hair loss with Propecia or finasteride, the average cost of a month’s supply of these drugs in March was $130.50 and $57.30, respectively. That’s down from February’s monthly costs of $131.70 and $60, respectively.

While the price changes from February to March 2020 were relatively small, the average prices of both Propecia and finasteride were sharply lower in March than they were in mid-2019. Propecia’s average price of $4.35 in March was down 50.6 percent from its July 2019 price of $8.81. And finasteride’s March price of $1.91 was down more than 67 percent from its July 2019 price of $5.80.

Proven Effective in Clinical Trials

As noted earlier, Propecia and finasteride are not cures for male pattern baldness, but they have been shown in clinical trials to halt the progression of hair loss in 86 percent of the male study participants. And 65 percent of those participants in trials experienced a significant increase in hair growth, according to AHLA.

The primary culprit behind male pattern baldness is dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, a derivative of testosterone. DHT gradually miniaturizes hair follicles to the point that they can no longer sustain hair growth. Both Propecia and finasteride fight hair loss by reducing scalp levels of DHT.

How These Drugs Work

They accomplish this goal by inhibiting the activity of an enzyme known as type II 5-alpha-reductase, which serves as a catalyst for the conversion of testosterone into DHT. With DHT levels sharply reduced, the hair loss process can be reversed, and for many people, new hair can be grown in areas of loss.

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