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The Convenience of Ordering Prescription Drugs Online
The Convenience of Ordering Prescription Drugs Online
Convenience is perhaps the most important reason why people order prescription medications online. This is especially true for people who live in remote areas and people with hectic schedules who can’t risk a long wait at a traditional pharmacy. Shopping online can have cost advantages too, and more people than ever are looking for ways to save money on prescription drugs.

If you want to buy finasteride online, the generic name for the active ingredient in Propecia, you can do so safely, if you take certain precautions.

Stay Away from Sites that Dispense “Prescription Drugs” Without a Prescription

Any popular prescription drug, particularly if it is considered a “lifestyle” drug, is immediately capitalized on by unscrupulous online retailers. Search on “Viagra” or “Propecia” and you’ll find countless sites that somehow offer these prescription drugs without a prescription. How do they do it? By breaking laws. If by some chance they have the actual drug they’re peddling, they’re breaking US laws by selling it in the United States without a prescription. More likely, however, they’re selling counterfeit products. Today’s counterfeit drugs are legitimate-looking enough that even the scientists who determine whether drugs are fake have a hard time telling them from the real drug based on appearance.

Reputable Sites Will Have a Physical Address

Reputable online sources for prescription drugs in the US will have a US street address. Look for it on the site’s sitemap, on their “About” page, or their “Contact” page. Rogue online pharmacies don’t bother listing street addresses because they often don’t have one, and their only concern is setting up a new bogus website once the FDA or international organizations shut them down. If an online source for prescription drugs has a street address located in the United States, that’s one sign they’re for real.

The Site Should Offer Access to US-Licensed Pharmacists for Questions

Even lifestyle drugs like Propecia and drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, acne, or allergies are prescription drugs for a reason. Particularly if you have never tried a particular prescription drug before, you may have questions, and you don’t want to consult with a call center worker who may or may not speak English. Legitimate online sources for prescription drugs will have US-licensed pharmacists available to answer your questions.

Compare Prices and Avoid Sites with Unrealistically Low Prices

You know what they say about things that seem too good to be true.
You know what they say about things that seem too good to be true.

Another warning sign of a rogue online pharmacy is unrealistically low prices. Expect prices for popular drugs like Propecia to vary some, but if a pharmacy offers prices that are completely out of line with those at your local pharmacy or honest online pharmacies, you can bet they’re selling counterfeit goods. And if a site has no conscience about selling you fake prescription drugs, they’re probably not going to take the security of your personal and credit card information very seriously either. When you go with a source offering unrealistic prices, you risk your money, your personal information, and even your health. Some counterfeit drugs have been found to contain things like paint and rat poison.

Canadian Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Canadian

Rogue pharmacies from around the world know that people in the US tend to implicitly trust Canadian businesses, and they will often put Canadian flags all over their web pages in an attempt to gain business from the US. Unless a “Canadian” online source has a verifiable street address in Canada, assume it is a rogue pharmacy and go elsewhere. You should also know that it’s illegal to import prescription drugs into the US, even from Canada. While it is difficult for Customs, the DEA, and other enforcement agencies to catch every instance of this, do you really want to take that chance?

If you’re interested in buying finasteride safely from a US-based online facilitator with a US address and licensed pharmacists available to answer your questions, check out sells only genuine Propecia manufactured by Merck, at competitive prices, with convenient, swift, and secure shipping. Never take chances with your health (or your money) with sketchy online pharmacies. Excellent options for obtaining prescription drugs online exist, so there’s no reason to risk dealing with a rogue pharmacy.

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