Discovering How Your Senses Determine Your Effectiveness as a Person, Partner & Parent: Natalie Robinson Garfield

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Today we are with the author of the book “The Sense Connection” & noted psycho-therapist and early childhood development expert Natalie Robinson Garfield.

Interview Content:

Eric: Let’s start right into the book The Sense Connection & its subtitle ” Discovering How Your 5 Senses Determine Your Effectiveness as a Person, Partner & Parent” – – please touch on one of the senses & mention briefly how that one could determine your effectiveness as a partner.

Natalie: It isn’t that one sense determines your effectiveness, it is that knowing which is your dominant sense and what is your least dominant are, and discovering and determining the other persons, whether it is a partner or a child whichever it may be. It can even be the person who you get your coffee from at the corner store. It is really getting to know the hierarchy and the match or mismatch. So it isn’t one sense in the concept of, Oh yes, I am more visual. Let me just backtrack a little bit to describe the senses. The acronym is K-A-T-O-V. K = Kinesthetic – those are people who take in the world through moving through the world, through space. A = Auditory – These are people who take in the world predominantly through sound. T = Tactile – Those are people who take in the world through touch, through feeling, that’s both feeling on the outside of your body and feelings on the inside of your body. When people say, Oh, she’s so sensitive or he’s so touchy meaning thin skinned, those are usually TACTILE people. O = Olfactory Taste – those go together. I have a colleague friend who wakes up in the morning and says, hmmm, what should I have for dinner, that is a taste person – high Olfactory Taste. I myself am highly visual, I don’t think about dinner in the morning, I think about dinner when I see something that appeals to me. V = Visual – people who take in the world through their eyes. You can usually tell people who are visual because their appearance is important to them. So they look particularly in a way, not necessarily to your taste but they have a particular look. Their home has a particular visual ambiance. Colors and things matching and how things look are important to them. So those are the 5 senses and as it would be in terms of partners we tend to attract and hook up with in the long term sense of the word – opposites. So people who are high kinesthetically tend to attract who are low kinesthetically and often high visually.

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