Top 7 Baby Boomer Websites

There are plenty of websites out there that cater to the Baby Boom generation. On them you can find advice on health, finances, relationships, work, and just about every other aspect of life.


By Paul Briand, Journalist & Baby Boomer Expert

There is something for just about every Baby Boomer when it comes to enjoyable websites.

They – and we – are everywhere. The Baby Boom generation that arrived as the babies of the World War II generation is the largest demographic on the planet.

Generally speaking, Baby Boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964, though there are clear distinctions between the older among us and the younger among us.

How Baby Boomers have grown – and now, how they’re aging – has changed. This, in turn, is changing our culture, politics, economy, and health industry.

Do a Google search of “Baby Boomers” and you get about 4 million webpage results.

So in narrowing my list for the Boomer sites that I recommend, I focused on the following:

*   Quantity of reliable resources
*   Quality of information
*   Website ease of use
*   Dedication to the greater good of Boomers

I settled on sites that have wide appeal and those with a more narrowed focus, everything from general interest to employment to dating.

Best Baby Boomer Websites:

The leader of the pack is the web site. More so than any other website, AARP represents, for better or worse, the very broad interests of Baby Boomers, particularly when it comes to the broad issues such as healthcare. AARP took some flak from many of its dues-paying members for getting involved in promoting healthcare reform, but give AARP its due for being out there in an aggressive way for Baby Boomers.

After AARP, my list has no real hierarchy, but I decided to number the list anyway. Following are six more sites that I find useful, entertaining, and creative:

2. The Baby Boomer Knowledge Center has a certain Zen to its offerings. Subcategories include: Resourceful, Wistful, Impactful, Engaging.

3. may seem a little premature for many of us, but Baby Boomers are very rapidly becoming grandparents. This site is full of financial and lifestyle advice for middle aged people.

4. Third Age focuses on aging well, and health and wellness. There’s plenty of information on numerous topics that concern Boomers here. A large panel of experts provides great insight into many of the challenges of growing older as a Boomer.

5. Baby Boomer Talk Online provides some Boomer-inspired videos that will bring a smile to your face (think Ferris Bueller lip-synching The Beatles).

6. WorkForce50 goes beyond being an employment site; it gives career and second-career advice to those over 50. (WiserWorker is in that same genre.)

7. If you’re looking for a mate, check out Baby Boomer People Meet.


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About the Author of “Top 13 Baby Boomer Websites”

Paul Briand spent 33 years in newspaper journalism. Based in New Hampshire, he now writes about issues of interest to Baby Boomers.

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