The Secret to Staying Sexually Active Longer

By Paul Briand, Journalist & Baby Boomer Expert

A new study includes good news for Baby Boomers when it comes to sex, and even better news for Baby Boomer men.

A research project published in the British Medical Journal points out that Baby Boomers who maintain their health as they age will have a more fulfilling sex life as they age. Men and women who report very good or excellent health had more years of sexually active life expectancy compared with people reporting fair or poor health.

Perhaps this comes as no surprise, but consider…

“If you are a man diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure and I tell you that you need to lose weight and take medication, and I can say the benefit is five extra years of sex life, you might be more inclined to do what I tell you,” Dr. Stacy Tessler Lindau told CNN.

And the better news for men, according to the study, is that a healthier lifestyle means better, more enjoyable sex for a greater number of years compared to women. Women tend to live longer than men, so they have more inactive sexual years at the end of their life. And, the study skewed toward men having a greater sexual desire for a longer period of life.

Being Healthy = 5 to 7 More Years of Sex

Study results showed that men who were in very good or excellent health at age 55 gained five to seven years of sexually active life, on average, compared with their peers in poorer health. Women in good to excellent health gained three to six more years of a quality sex life versus women who are less healthy.

Medical issues have long played a role in the sexual health of men.

Chronic illnesses – especially diabetes, cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer, for example – often led to erectile dysfunction.

But the disassociation between sexually active life expectancy and chronic illness is improving because men have drugs available to them to combat erectile dysfunction.

ED Medications Also Add to Sex Life

There’s a one-two punch at work here. Not only are medications that help with erectile dysfunction available more widely, but the social stigma once associated with such drugs is fading away. Discussions about Viagra and other ED medications have become more mainstream – more of a comfort zone for many men.

There isn’t an equitable treatment for women who, because of illness or other issues, experience a lack of “female libido,” according to the study. There is no Viagra for women, for example, though there are emerging treatments for conditions such as vaginal dryness.

Researchers involved with the project from the University of Chicago say the lure of better sex later in life might be motivation enough for men to get more serious about their health later in life.

Read the full research report.
About the Author

Paul Briand spent 33 years in newspaper journalism. Based in New Hampshire, he now writes about issues of interest to Baby Boomers.

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