What Ingredients Are In Your Skin Care Products? Rik Vig

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Skin Care Expert Rik Vig joins the show.  With more than 50 years of experience in the beauty and health industries, Rik Vig’s body of work includes original and successful product brands. He tells us how important are natural ingredients are, what skin care ingredients should folks look out for and avoid…

Rik Vig leads the Rik Vig Design Team, bringing his wide range of professional experience and knowledge gained from thirty plus years as a professional designer, creative director and corporate executive. Over a decade of that was spent serving as Creative Vice President for St. Ives Laboratories, directing the brand that he was instrumental in creating and evolving – the perennially popular St. Ives® Swiss Formula line of personal care products. The natural Swiss theme continues to be a big hit with consumers.

Rik knows from experience what it takes to bring a new idea into the over-proliferated retail marketplace and make that new brand or product stand out and shine. St. Ives grew from a small start-up to a venerable icon of natural-oriented products copied by many. From the recognizable trademark to the signature custom packaging, Rik’s hand and eye touched everything. After a long and successful run, the brand was sold to Alberto-Culver in 1996 and has continued to grow in popularity, still bearing the distinct Swiss-themed personality that Rik helped create.

Before St. Ives, there was Mill Creek. The Mill Creek brand was born in 1978, when the mainstream public’s interest in natural products was just beginning to bloom. The wholesome, down-home friendly brand image was conceived by Rik Vig, Gary Worth (owner), and Robert Van Dine – all principals involved in starting the Mill Creek Natural Products company. The unique connection that the original Mill Creek image made with consumers helped propel it from a modest health food brand of personal care products to one of the first successful natural products lines to cross over into the mass market. Mill Creek helped write the book on marketing “natural” for the 80’s, even making headway into international markets. Rik Vig remained at the creative helm until the Mill Creek brand was sold to Richardson-Vicks in 1982.

The Mill Creek and St. Ives years were an incredible experience that formed Rik’s approach to brand and product development, as well as his effective style of business and team management. In 1997, Rik decided to launch Rik Vig Design and offer design services and consulting to a wide spectrum of clients. Much of the first year in practice was spent with Rik serving as Product Development Director for Jamieson Laboratories in Toronto, Ontario, the premiere natural nutritional supplement brand in all of Canada. Rik helped update the brand image and product line packaging, as well as developing a number of new sub-lines and products for the brand. Rik and his associates also consulted with Jamieson on a very special project to assess a strategy for introducing the Jamieson Natural Sources® brand to the U.S. market, conducting consumer focus groups in key U.S. regions. Today, Jamieson’s high-quality natural products are available in U.S. health food stores and markets.

The new millennium has seen Rik Vig Design continue to grow and work with an expanding stable of clients that have included Dr. Katz® Oral Care, Brave Soldier® Skincare, Malibu Secret® Body Care, Nexxus® Salon Care, Paul Mitchell® Systems, Estrella™ Oral Care, Pro Health™ Nutritional Products, Performance Laboratories, Salons Only™ Pro Hair Care, Razor Gaurd® Shaving Products, and Z Mei™ Botanical Skin Care. Rik Vig is also a founding partner in BrandWorks L.G., a retail brand licensing venture. The Rik Vig Design Team is capable of helping your company achieve your goals in successfully bringing your concept for a company, brand, or product to successful realization.

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