HairCheck for Early Detection: Richard Gundry

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Podcast Synopsis:

Richard Gundry National Sales Manager of Divi International joins the show.

He discusses how many men and women are affected by hair loss, how much hair loss has actually occurred when noticed by the naked eye and great information about their new HairCheck device.

The HairCheck device is the first scientific instrument to accurately measure hair loss, hair breakage and hair regrowth. HairCheck measures the density of hair in a two by two centimeter area.  The first measurement is performed at the back of the head just below the occipital bone for the baseline count of healthy hair.  The second measurement is taken at the affected area on the top of the head.  The technician then calculates the percentage of loss from the back of the head to the top. Readings for hair loss are usually performed every three to four months, while readings for hair breakage may be done more frequently.

For more information on HairCheck call 800-233-7453 or visit them on the web at

Richard Gundry discusses & answers:

– What can men & women do to prevent or delay balding?

– How do you know if your hair loss program or products are actually working?

– Special Tip: By measuring your hair loss, you can determine your level of thinning 10 to 15 years in advance. With this head start, you have the chance to start your treatment program early, when you can receive the most effective results.

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