Interview with the Founder of VividMD Skin Care, Michelle Garbin

You represent VividMD Skin Care. What can you tell us about this brand? How is it different from the myriad of other skin care lines on the market?

Vivid MD Skincare products were developed under the direction of highly respected dermatologists, plastic surgeons, clinical estheticians and makeup artists to repair and renew damaged skin. They are enjoyed by both those in the medical industry and top celebrities who rely on their skin’s appearance.

VIVID means clear and bright, presenting the appearance of freshness
MD means medical dermatological

Vivid MD Skincare works within the framework of your skin to:

♦ Facilitate skin hydration, which helps slow down the aging process
♦ Balance the skin’s pH, which control surface bacteria
♦ Remove dead skin cells and soften the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
♦ Lighten, brighten and tighten the skin

Our products include the finest ingredients in prescription strength without having a prescription. Being a medical dermatological line makes our products stronger than over the counter (otc) products.

Celebrity clientele sets us apart from the rest and is used on many television and movie sets.

Look at clients before and after pictures and get a list of our exclusive vendors at or call us at  866-50-VIVID.

2. Many skin care regimens are built around a “skin type.” What are the most common skin types or profiles?

Skin type is the description and interpretation of how and why skin looks, feels, and acts.

Skin types are:

♦ Normal- small pores/ not oily/ not dry/ soft and smooth/ virtually no blemishes or problems
♦ Dry- fine pores/ loss of moisture/ flakes/ feels tight
♦ Oily- enlarged pores /oily /some white heads and blackheads
♦ Combination- T-zone is oily: forehead and nose area
♦ Acne- breakouts everywhere/ normally oily skin
♦ Sensitive-red/ broken capillaries/ transparent-see thru appearance/ easily prone to irritation

Other Skin conditions are:

♦ Mature/Aging- due to sun exposure and aging/ wrinkles and lines, brown spots
♦ Rosacea- blood vessels on face enlarged resulting in a flushed appearance/ usually sensitive
♦ Dehydrated- lack of moisture
♦ Stressed Skin- premature aging/ lines

3. How would a person determine which skin type they are? And what happens when they are a mix of the “traditional” skin types?

To determine your  skin type you’ll need 4 blotting papers ( or the same material as the disposable toilet seat covers in a public restroom, cut into 2” x 4” rectangles to resemble store bought oil control blotting papers)

The first one we are going to lightly pat across the forehead, see how much oil is on your paper.   If paper is drenched this means there is a lot of oil, slightly damp means there is a little oil, and and none means your skin is dry.  Second paper we are going to put on the nose, third on the chin, last sheet on cheek or both cheeks.  This will help you determine what skin type you are.

It is common to be a mix of traditional skin types. If a person is oily/ normal or oily/stressed we would recommend to alternate cleansers. Vivid MD’s Satin Cleanser is a light and creamy non-irritating cleanser that lifts away dirt and makeup without stripping away the essential lipids the skin needs to stay healthy and hydrated.  Vivid MD’s Purifying Whipped Cleanser dissolves heavy sebum.

4. In your opinion, what are some key ingredients people should be looking for in their skin care products and why are they so important?

♦Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid): effective antioxidant
♦Vitamin E: antioxidant, helps repair DNA
♦Vitamin A: resurfaces skin, reduces size and secretion of sebaceous glands
Vivid MD’s PerfectionC and Balancing Moisture Cream has all of these vitamins
♦Citric acid: cleansing agent, antioxidant
♦Glycolic acid: exfoliant, Vivid MD’s Glycolic 15 Night Cream
♦AHAs ( alpha hydroxy acid): exfoliant, more gentle than glycolic
♦Lactic acid: promotes cell renewal
♦Peptides: anti-aging benefits, enhances elasticity and firmness, Vivid MD’s Balancing Moisture Cream
♦Salicylic acid (BHAs): helps with breakouts- Vivid MD’s Refreshing Toner and Clear Skin Toner
♦Exfoliators help remove dead skin cells that lay on top of the epidermis which causes skin to look dull, ashy and dry. Removing outer epidermis layer will promote in younger, brighter, and smoother appearance.

5. What is the best way to treat and/or prevent skin aging?

Anti-aging skincare is essential to prevent premature aging.

Light glycolic, lactic peels and microdermabrasion ( Vivid MD’s Micro Dermabrasion Cream) are effective to treating the skin. Some benefits of  peels can help to soften lines, increase smoothness in skin texture, produce mild lightening of pigmentation irregularities and create a mild reduction in scars.

Sunscreen should be worn daily to prevent sun damage and prevent skin cancer.

6. What are your all-around best tips for getting and maintaining beautiful skin?

♦ Daily use of Vivid MD Skincare products that are suited for your skin type
♦ Exfoliating with Vivid MD Micro Dermabrasion Cream
♦ Light peels and regular facials
♦ Vitamins- orally and topically, Vivid MD’s PerfectionC is packed with them!
♦ Sunscreen daily

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