How Do Women Really Get That Glow? Merideth Harper

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Podcast Synopsis:

Beauty Expert, Meredith Harper and owner of Meredith Harper Weddings joined the show. She shares what her top ten favorite must have products are and what does a woman need to do if she loses her makeup bag.

Meredith Harper is an American makeup artist, beauty expert, choreographer, and TV personality. She is most know for her beauty expert work on “How Do I Look” on the Style Network. Meredith spent more than a decade in film, television and music as a Grammy-Award winning producer and Music Consultant/Contributor at HBO and with Chris Rock Entertainment. Her extensive time on-stage, on sets and at photo shoots afforded her the unique opportunity to learn from the best and pick up tricks of the trade on adapting make-up for all types of lighting to keep looks flawless and natural. Meredith gives the Hollywood/Celebrity insider tips to women & Brides that simply a desire to learn how to use make-up for contouring and highlighting individual beauty, Meredith has the tools and experience to help both men and women look their best. You can not only find out more about Meredith, but get more info about Meredith Harper Weddings at

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