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Matthew Bucklin is the creator of the popular, natural stop smoking aid Quit Tea.  He is an expert in smoking cessation, and since 2009 he has helped hundreds of people finally quit smoking through his writings, advice, and one on one contact with people trying to quit smoking.  In 2010 he conducted a successful, non-scientific trial of smokers using Quit Tea and other smoking cessation aids for the purpose of quitting smoking.  He worked as a pharmaceuticals analyst for years, learning about drugs and the need for healthy and effective alternatives. He believes that drugs are the last option and that good health comes from a lifestyle change and sometimes a little help from natural remedies.

Eric Michaels: So everyone knows they need to quit smoking.  Is there anything you can tell people that will encourage everyone to finally quit?

Matthew Bucklin: There are very few people that love to smoke.  Most just continue smoking, even though they are fully aware of the damage they are doing to their health, because they are afraid to quit.  They are afraid that they will not be able to function normally throughout the day without being able to rely on cigarettes. They are afraid that the stress will be too much, they won’t have the energy, or they will be too nervous to interact with people without cigarettes. So I remind people that want to quit that they will be fine.  Not only will they be fine but they will be better for quitting very soon.  After you quit you will feel better, have more energy, sleep normally, not smell like cigarette smoke.  Your skin will improve, so you will look better.  And your lungs recover quickly after quitting.  So not smoking will not kill you, but smoking might.  The sooner you quit the better, and you will survive without cigarettes.

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