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Podcast Synopsis:

Health Expert Lorne Caplan joined the show. Lorne is a Health Expert, Speaker, Author and Chief Scientific Officer.  He touches on a wide variety of topics leading to one foundational secret to good overall health – listen in.

Lorne Caplan has over fifteen years of expertise developing, sourcing, researching and training staff and clients about constituent ingredients, both natural and synthetic while creating product lines and specific programs for products, services and devices in the fragrance, anti-aging skincare, wellness, aesthetics (cosmetics), and gift (scented candles) industries. Lorne has built, managed and developed these product and service lines as a former owner and operator of the 14,000 square foot Danielle Spa/ Aevium Institute and Radiance Med Spas, as well as when advising clients that included SpaMedicus, Pure Laser, American Leisure, Cornelia Spa, individuals and physicians. Lorne has written and presented training and educational forums on aphrodisiacs (yes, they do exist), sensuality, romance, passion and intimacy as relates to human relationships and pheromone research.

Along with his current role as Director of Product  Development at Pheromone products company Victor Goth, LLC, an Master & Mistress, Lorne successfully advised, funded and invested in companies within the cosmeceutical, nutraceutical, biotech and life sciences sectors. As a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and founder of the Womens Total Health and Wellness Conference and Exhibit, Lorne maintains and often benefits from his experiences within the fields of womens health and sexual health.

Lorne has been frequently quoted and published in industry periodicals such as Self Magazine, Spa 20/20, Spa Management, Medical Spa Management, Spa Canada, Inside Cosmeceuticals and is a regular speaker on subjects related to , fragrance / olfaction, relationship and sexual health, integrative therapies, age-management and the aesthetics industry at conferences such as The everything to do With Sex Show, Exotic Erotica, Face & Body, Medical Spa & Aesthetics Conference, Society for Plastic Surgery Skin Care Specialists, Grayson Natural and Organic Personal Care Conference, The International Anti-aging Show and The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Lorne received his combined degree in history and political science at McGill University in Montreal and his MBA at The Ivey School of Management in London, Canada. He is currently completing his Naturopathic Doctorate from Clayton College and spreads his optimal health and life message through his blog at and AgeMedica, LLC.

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