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Erika Lacroix, founder of the innovative EZ Breathe Home Ventilation System joins the show. She discusses why it is important to have good ventilation in the home, what can we do to help minimize the chances of allergens, toxins and mold growth within the home and a whole lot more.

Erika Lacroix has dedicated her life to helping families provide healthier homes for their loved ones. As a Healthy Air Expert, Erika seeks to spread the word and educate families about the dangers of breathing unhealthy air and the effective ways in which to combat and prevent a harmful environment in the home.

As a college junior, Erika participated in a study abroad program called Semester At Sea. Along with her other 500 classmates aboard the S.S. Universe, she embarked on a 100 day journey around the world. It was during this adventure that she committed herself to improving the health and well-being of peoples everywhere.

Upon finishing her degree with a double major in Economics and Psychology from Lake Forest College, she moved to the mountains of Idaho. While living in Ketchum, Idaho her entrepreneurial spirit started to blossom by the creation of Mountain Media, a full service marketing agency, graphic design studio and publisher of the Sun Valley Catalog. Although this career satisfied her creative juices, she still had a longing to improve people’s health and well-being.  After being re-united with her college sweetheart and first love, Andre Lacroix in 2001, she found herself engaged to married and on the move back home to Ohio.

Upon returning home to Ohio, she entered the family business, Ohio State Waterproofing.  Her father, Nicholas DiCello had started OSW in 1978 and grew his company to be the nation’s largest residential waterproofer. As part of his commitment to complete customer satisfaction he wanted to offer a solution to his number one customer complaint, that the air still felt damp and had a “basement” odor. He asked Erika to join the family business and help him come up with a real solution to this problem. After a few years of research and development, the EZ Breathe Ventilation System was born. Finally, they were able to offer a complete solution to improving the basement environment. Within a short period of time, the testimonials and letters started pouring in thanking the EZ Breathe Ventilation System for the first good night’s sleep without sinus pain, relief from allergy and asthma symptoms, condensation free windows, a healthier indoor environment, and on they went.  Erika quickly realized that the EZ Breathe system had a much wider market than just basements. The EZ Breathe system was affecting the whole home and improving the health and lifestyles of those who lived in the home!

The ever-expanding EZ Breathe market is what makes Erika’s job so exciting. Every day she comes to work she is greeted by another happy customer’s testimonial about how the EZ Breathe system has improved their living environment and their family’s health. This really strikes a chord with Erika, a mother of three young boys, who is always trying to ensure a healthy, happy lifestyle for her and her family. She feels very blessed to have the opportunity to share her passion for helping others while continuing to grow her business in harmony with each other.

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Erika Lacroix discusses & answers:

  • What makes the winter months a challenge to keep air in the home clean?
  • What is the EZ Breathe Home Ventilation System and how does it help purify air within the home?
  • How would I go about getting EZ Breathe installed in my home?
  • Conclusion Tip…

Web Site: ezbreathe.com

Phone: 866-822-7328

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