Interview with IsoBreathing Founder, Ellen Miller

You are the creator of the IsoBreathing technique for weight loss. Can you please explain what this is and how you came to develop it?

I designed the IsoBreathing program keeping my clients in mind. (the morbidly obese, senior citizens, those with physical limitations, and the busy working woman). I had been teaching obtainable lifestyle changes for about 19 years at this point. My clients wanted their results yesterday. In 2002 I decided to go back to basics with their training program. I incorporated isometric exercises. You get your body into a position and hold the muscle contraction. The longer you  hold the contraction the more intensely you work your muscles. When individuals hold their isometric pose they tend to hold their breath. I incorporated a breathing style so they are either inhaling or exhaling for a specific amount of breaths while holding their isometric position.  Of course I added a twist to the breathing technique.

By going back to basics body positioning is everything if you want to obtain results. I also incorporated an eating regime which includes portion control allowing for that glass of wine and or junk food but keeping control on the amount of calories going into their mouth. When I originally designed this program I tried it out on myself for one week including specific exercises to target all the trouble spots everyone complains about. In one week I lost 2 pounds and 4 ½ inches. I then had my family try the program for one week and each one lost both pounds and inches. The following week I had just a hand full of my clients try the program and each one lost both pounds and inches. I knew that I was then on to something.

How does the IsoBreathing technique differ from other weight loss methods? Is IsoBreathing better for one type of weight loss candidate over another?

IsoBreathing is different than the other programs out there. By incorporating the breathing and body positioning along with the healthier choices in eating, people tend to lose both inches and weight. The breathing is performed five breaths, five times throughout the day. The exercises are done once a day every day.  The breathing is not meant to be aerobic, it just works muscles and is great for stress relief.  When this program was shown on Medical Watch on a local TV station I had people from the local gyms come to see me because after three months of working out they were not getting the results they thought they should. I had them demonstrate some exercises that they were performing and I switched up their body positioning, included the IsoBreathing breath and had them change their eating and they too started to lose their first week. If they continued with the program then they continued to lose both inches and weight.

IsoBreathing is better than most programs because it is performed seated in a chair. This can be done while watching TV, sitting in an office or just about anywhere. It is meant to be done throughout your busy day. Not everyone can take 1 hour a day to fit in exercise. Total time if you combine some of the exercises can be 10 minutes for a full body workout. ( volume 2 combines all exercises)  Anyone can do this program. When people take a look at some of the snippets on youtube  ( they think that it is for their grandmother only. When I am speaking to large groups and demonstrate some of the seated exercises the participants can’t get over that they feel their muscles working intensely.

What are some other weight loss methods you recommend?

The only weight loss method that works is the combination of the magic three. Nutrition: getting in healthier, smarter choices, portion sizing, cutting back on junk food, and watching your alcohol intake. Exercise: Working your muscles daily. I do not believe in heavy weight training unless you are looking for bodybuilding. You can work muscles daily by adding variety. Muscles get used to one thing quickly so you have to change up your routine and have fun. Aerobics: you have to burn calories by increasing your heart rate.

This can be several 10 minute sessions a day or 30 minutes at once. It depends on your schedule but you have to move to lose. If you are just starting out I recommend starting with 10 minutes. Everyone has 10 minutes a day. No excuses. Then after a week of this add in another 5 minutes so your minimum then becomes 15 minutes. If you have more time great add it in but if not you did your 15 minutes. I have written many articles on how and what to include for aerobic activity and they are included in my newsletters and on my blog. Both can be gotten through my website I also have a snippet on youtube for the larger individual and the aerobic activity is being seated in a chair.

Should exercise be tailored to a person’s age, gender, or otherwise?

Absolutely. Each person is different and the exercises should be tailored to what their needs are. IsoBreathing is not a cookie cutter approach to exercise. Now-a-days bootcamp is really big. If someone is just starting out in a fitness program I never recommend bootcamp. Their body is just not prepared for that type of strenuous exercise. They will become extremely sore and when that happens who wants to continue their program.

Do you have any fantastic and inspiring success stories you can share?

These are just a few words from my clients mouths. The website shows their photos.

” ‘Too good to be true.’ I did not believe Ellen. But like  the old adage goes, ‘seeing is believing.’ I feel great.  I enjoy each session and admire and respect Ellen  greatly. What a great motivator. Third week and minus 19-3/4 inches.”  – Louis

Hello and welcome to my Isobreathing experience. I am a 42 year old gastric bypass patient; but I never would have looked like this without Ellen Miller and her Isobreathing program. I started working with Ellen 3 months after my gastric bypass. I began my exercise program sitting in a chair and using Ellen’s exercise bands. Less than 3 years and LOTS of pounds later, I am on what Ellen describes as her Level 4 CD. I am so happy with my body that words can barely describe it. So many gastric bypass patients are thin but not as healthy and strong as they could be. I am both. I can lift 50 lbs of dog food with the greatest of pleasure merely because I’m strong enough to do it.

Ellen is a caring and professional trainer who will do what it takes to make you a healthier and happier version of yourself. She cares that what she offers affects your life in a positive fashion. If you use her Isobreathing Program, you will see results quickly. You will feel stronger, more powerful, and healthier. Add her Stress Relief CD for relaxation and a better night’s sleep. Ellen cares.   –  Lisa

What are your top tips for lasting health and wellness?

The only tip that I give is make a lifestyle change if you are looking for lasting results. With the new year upon us everyone has good intension of becoming healthier and more fit to live a better quality of life. There are too many quick fix, pills, surgeries, shakes and diets out there. They don’t last. There is no magic pill. It does take work and determination to lose weight and keep it off. If you change one item a week and allow your body to get used to it, then you have a chance to lose weight the healthy way and keep it off.  Take one day at a time and don’t beat yourself up if you stray for a day. Just get back on track.

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