How Do Hair Transplants Work? Dr. Nelson Ferreira

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Podcast Synopsis:

Dr. Nelson Ferreira, well known hair transplant physician and medical doctor joins the show.

Dr. Ferreira is the medical director of Sure Hair International based in Toronto Canada, and is an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons ( ISHRS) which is a leading authority in Hair Loss solutions in Canada.

Dr. Nelson Ferreira graduated with honors from the University of Toronto pharmacology program in 1987. He was awarded the Andrew D Baines graduation award for the highest graduating marks in life sciences. he then decided to pursue a career in medicine. He attended the faculty of medicine at the University of Toronto for the next four years. At that time he decided to pursue a career in academic emergency medicine. During his residency training he was elected chief resident twice and voted Intern of the Year”.

After finishing my training in primary care medicine, he decided to dedicate himself to working in the emergency rooms affiliated with the University of Toronto. During his time in the emergency room he was responsible for teaching interns and residents and helped coordinate many teaching programs for students. After years of emergency work, he was hoping to find an area of medicine where he could express himself artistic creativity and work with his hands in a more technical skill. Many of his family members have male pattern baldness and he began to lose his hair noticeably in his twenties. Several years ago he decided to have his own hair transplant and was very happy with the results. Furthermore, the delicate nature of the surgery, the creativity, and the technical skills required were very appealing.

After several years of extensive research, observation and training he decided to accept an offer to become the medical director of Sure Hair International in 2005. Sure Hair international had been performing follicular unit hair transplants for almost fifteen years. He believes he has added expertise, leadership and direction to the medical and surgical division of Sure Hair International. Since taking over the position, he has strived to continually improve the standards of performance. Dr. Nelson has introduced various new techniques to meet a new higher standard of quality and workmanship. These include: the stick and place technique for planting grafts which is in his opinion are a better method for planting follicular unit grafts; a unique method of creating a trichophytic closure to camouflage donor incisions with hairs that grow through the incision; 25% better density; the “ gentle-touch” technique for administering anesthesia that is virtually painless; a seamless and undetectable method for creating perfectly natural hairlines. Furthermore, he personally supervises all transplants so that each transplant is a custom designed work that serves the patient both in the short term and long term. The end result is an ultra-refined hair transplant that is tailored to the specific needs of his patient.

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