Prevention of High Exposure to HIV: Dr. Adrian Charles Demidont

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Dr. Adrian Charles Demidont joins the show. His current practice involves primarily care for HIV infected individuals. Additionally, his practice at Callen Lorde serves uninsured patients from all walks of life, providing care for sexually transmitted diseases and complications or STIs. Callen Lorde Community Health Center New York, New York Primary Care for HIV patients.

Eric Michaels: What are PEP (post exposure prophylaxis) and PrEP (pre exposure prophylaxis)?

Dr. Demidont: Well Eric those are 2 acronyms that we use for medications that we give to people when they have been exposed to HIV. The difference between post exposure prophylaxis and pre exposure prophylaxis. PEP would be given to somebody who after they have been exposed to HIV sexually or through an occupational exposure. PrEP would be medications given to people before their exposure. So basically they are off shoots of original occupational exposures such as needlesticks, blood contaminated spills that people got in hospitals. We are now using these medications for sexual exposures to HIV and a lot of studies are going on about that. Originally most of the studies were done on PEP however in the past few weeks, there has been major studies published on PrEP and utilizing those medications to prevent HIV infections.

Dr. A.C. Demidont discusses & answers:

– Does PEP work? How successful is the treatment?

– What kind of follow up would one need with their doctor?

– And a Special Tip…

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