Could Your Mate Put You at Risk? Dr. Adina Nack

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Medical Sociologist and Professor at California Lutheran University, Dr. Adina Nack joined the show. Dr. Nack is also the author of the book “Damaged Goods? Women Living with Incurable STDs”. Listen to the informational packed episode with discussion on STDS (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) – there is still hope!

Dr. Adina Nack is a medical sociologist and professor at California Lutheran University.  Author of the book Damaged Goods? Women Living with Incurable STDs, she has published articles and essays on topics including STD stigma, sex education, and HIV/AIDS. Dr. Nack has written for Ms. Magazine, her academic articles have been reprinted in over a dozen anthologies, and she has won awards for her research, teaching, activism, and public policy work. As a sex educator and sexual health researcher, Dr. Nack has been seen and heard in MTV documentaries, on the CBS show The Doctors, interviewed for magazines like Women’s Health, and featured on a variety of radio programs, including NPR and FOX News Radio. For more on Dr. Nack click here.

Dr. Adina Nack discusses & answers:

– What are The pro’s and con’s of STD vaccines (for HPV/genital warts, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B)?

– How do we make sure that STD stigma doesn’t harm your intimate relationships?

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