Cutting-Edge Technology Behind A New Skincare Line, Ashok Wahi

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Podcast Synopsis:

Skin care expert Ashok Wahi joined the show. Ashok is a prominent inventor and president of Trutek Corporation, an innovative consumer product research & development company. He discusses why is this time of year a problem with skin, how can we prevent skin from drying in the winter and what is Trutek currently developing in terms of skin care technology.

Ashok Wahi is a prominent inventor and owner of Somerville, NJ based-Trutek Corp., an innovative, consumer product research & development firm specializing in health and wellness. Trutek currently offers an extensive pipeline of technologies and products that strive to improve the quality of everyday life.

Wahi is a licensed engineer and currently holds a patent for NasalGuard®, a drug-free product that traps allergens before they can enter into the nasal passage and cause allergy symptoms, which is currently being marketed in the U.S. and Canada as Chloraseptic® AllergenBlock®.  He additionally is a published author and yoga instructor.

Wahi holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is a graduate alumnus of NYU Poly, The Polytechnic Institute of New York University, with a degree in operations research.

Where can listeners get more information about Ashok Wahi or Trutek Corp.?

Ashok Wahi: The Citera Skin website will be launched in the beginning of the New Year and the website address will be Any questions or comments can also be sent to Angeline Boyer of R&J Public Relations at

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