Diagnosing Loss of Erection Issues

Talking about erection difficulty can be tough for any man. Bringing up the subject to a doctor can be embarrassing and many men shy away from the topic, however, knowing what to expect at the doctor’s office can ease some of the pressure.

If you are battling with sexual problems, you should talk to your doctor. Here are a few things the doctor will want to discuss with you.

Sexual and medical history

A doctor will be sensitive about these questions, but they will include questions about your sex drive, desire, energy, physical reactions and problems effecting your everyday life.

Your doctor will want to know what medications you are on, some of which can cause erection issues.

The point of these questions is to figure out the root cause of Erection Issues. Perhaps medications can be switched or a different diet can be suggested or a lifestyle medication like Viagra or Cialis can be prescribed, but a doctor needs to make sure they make the right suggestion.

The diagnosis

After answering a few questions, there may be an exam, depending on the symptoms discussed with your doctor. Lab tests may need to be run, but in many cases a doctor can make a diagnosis fairly quickly.

Causes of Loss of Erection Issues

The cause of Erection Issues can vary. The following is a list of potential causes:
Weight problems
Heart Disease
Hormonal imbalance
Prostate problems
Alcohol and drugs

Viagra and Cialis

These two medications have a well-documented history of treating erection dysfunction. Both are known to open the blood vessels, which helps with an erection. There are other medications, but Viagra and Cialis have name recognition in this field. For more information about the various kinds of lifestyle medications, including the strengths and weaknesses of both, check out this article: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra: What’s the Difference?