What to Do When Doctors Dismiss Your Erection Problems

The doctor isn’t always right. Don’t be afraid to question or challenge your doctor’s opinion if you think they have it wrong.


Long gone are the days when every utterance from a doctor’s mouth was blindly accepted as unassailable truth. Doctors are humans too, and as such they are fallible.

If you feel that your doctor is minimizing what’s become a serious problem for you or that he really isn’t paying that much attention to what you have to say, it’s probably time to seek a second opinion.

Over the last few decades, most medical professionals have come to accept that erection problems are most often caused by physiological factors, most notably insufficient blood flow to the penis.

It wasn’t all that long ago that erection problems were believed to be primarily psychological in origin. And sadly some doctors seem to be holding on to that way of thinking.

What to Do If It Isn’t All in Your Head

If your doctor dismisses your complaints of erection problems as something that’s “all in your head,” particularly in the absence of any diagnostic testing to back up such an opinion, you’re perfectly within your rights to set him straight. And if he continues to maintain such an untenable position, you should strongly consider changing doctors.

Finding a new doctor can be a difficult process, but it’s better than relying on a doctor in whom you’ve lost faith. And a breakup with your doctor need not be caused solely by a disagreement over erection problems.

Consider looking for a new primary physician if you find your current doctor isn’t listening to you, fails to closely coordinate your visits to specialists, talks to you in a condescending way, or routinely keeps you waiting without explanation.

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