Three Common Sexual Problems Men Experience

Three Common Sexual Problems Men Experience

For men with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or low sex drive, it’s common to feel like something about your masculinity is broken.

After all, our culture puts a lot of emphasis on testosterone-filled manliness in sports, advertising, movies, and pornography.

But Times Now News reports that one in 10 men have some sort of sexual health problem, which means that men suffering from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or low sex drive are anything but alone!

Still, statistical camaraderie doesn’t always translate to emotional healing. Instead, consider these tips to help treat the problems.

Erectile dysfunction

The FDA has approved several erectile dysfunction drugs, including Viagra, which works for more than 80% of men.

Viagra is not only the most popular erectile dysfunction drug in the world but also the most counterfeited, which is one of the reasons the FDA requires a prescription to ensure the Viagra you’re getting is pure and effective.

Another reason Viagra requires a prescription is to ensure that men are talking to their doctor about potential health risks.

These include any health concerns that may be the underlying cause of the erectile dysfunction, contraindicating medicines or drugs that can interfere with Viagra, and health issues that would prohibit you from taking Viagra.

Premature ejaculation

Although there is no single cause of premature ejaculation, many health professionals cite more emotional and mental causes than physical.

These include stress, anxiety about sexual performance, relationship problems, depression, poor body image and previous sexual abuse.

Talk to a counselor about emotional issues that may be at the root of your premature ejaculation.

Low libido

There are three common causes of low sex drive in men. One is low testosterone levels, which can be alleviated with testosterone treatments. Another is side effects from medications, which can sometimes be eradicated by simply changing the medication or lowering the dosage. The third is similar to premature ejaculation causes: psychological issues, such as anxiety, depression, stress and relationship issues. Again, talking to a counselor may help you address the issues causing your low sex drive.