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These Pharmacies Had the Lowest Sildenafil Prices [October 2020]

Among conventional pharmacies, Publix had the lowest average price for sildenafil citrate in October 2020. In January of this year, the price for a 100-milligram tablet dropped from $23.70 to only $.99 per pill!

As the generic equivalent of Viagra, the most popular brand-name erectile dysfunction drug on the market, sildenafil is the top-selling generic ED medication.

And it’s no wonder. The pricing of name-brand Viagra has kept it out of reach for many men for over 30 years.

The following chart gives a good overview of the most recent prices of both Viagra and sildenafil. It’s not hard to understand why many men are making the switch to sildenafil.

Average Pharmacy Prices for Sildenafil October 2020

Pharmacy NameViagra 100 mg (cost per day)Viagra 50 mg ** (cost per day)Sildenafil 100 mg (cost per day)Sildenafil 50 mg** (cost per day)
Rite Aid$81.27$40.64$18.62$9.31
Medicine Shoppe International$80.98$40.49$24.77$12.39
Stop & Shop$80.37$40.19$24.62$12.31
Giant Food Stores$80.37$40.19$24.62$12.31
GetRoman (online)$70.00$35.00$10.00$5.00
ForHims (online)n/an/a$30.00$15.00
eDrugstore (online)***$86.40$43.20$35.78$17.89
*CVS owns Target pharmacies
**calculated by cost of 100-milligram tablet, cut in a half with a pill splitter
***incorporates currently available 10% discount

Save by Splitting Pills

The chart shows the cost for 50-milligram tablets, the recommended starting dose for sildenafil. The prices shown are one-half of the 100-milligram price. Because of a pricing protocol unique to the pharmaceuticals trade, 50-milligram and 100-milligram prices are identical.

Standard practice for many men is to buy 100-milligram tablets and then split them in half to yield two 50-milligram doses. In effect, splitting pills gives you two doses for the price of one.

Although Viagra and sildenafil are medications that can be safely split, the same may not be true for all the medications you take. Check with your doctor to find out which drugs can be split and which cannot.

Sildenafil vs. Viagra

While splitting pills can cut the cost of either sildenafil or Viagra, some men are more comfortable spending more for a name-brand drug.

If you’re debating between sildenafil and Viagra, know that the only difference between them is price. But that difference is significant.

So why is Viagra so expensive? There are several reasons.

When Pfizer introduced Viagra in 1998, it was the only ED med available, so by 1999 standards, it was expensive — $700 for 100 tabs, or $7.00 a pill — but affordable for most men.

For the first 10 years, demand was so heavy that Pfizer increased its price every year, by a larger percentage nearly every time. Then, for each of the next three years, they raised prices twice, until the total cost for the same 100 pills was $1457, or $14.57 per tablet, more than double the initial cost.

Viagra Price Increases Over First 10 Years

DatePer 100 Tablets% Change

In the period between 2012 and 2017, Pfizer continued to increase its price – a total of 190% in those six years. The increase was the highest price increase of any prescription drug until that time.

(To be fair to Pfizer, there were similar price increases in 48 other name-brand drugs in that period, though Viagra topped the list as #1.)

The Introduction of Generic Viagra (Sildenafil)

Even with sildenafil’s introduction as a generic version in 2013, Viagra’s price remained high. Pfizer retained a share in the market because its patent for Viagra did not expire until April 2020. Hence, they charged the generic manufacturer (Teva) royalties for the right to produce and sell sildenafil.

Now, in 2020, Pfizer’s patent has expired, and they are now producing their own generic sildenafil. There are now two generics on the market, yet the price of Viagra is still rising.

On the other hand, the cost of sildenafil is decreasing and now averages around $21.19 for a 100-milligram tablet, or $10.60 per dose if split in two.

Even better, Publix offers 100 mg tabs for $.099, or $.044 per dose — making sildenafil the first ED drug that’s affordable for everyone.

Watch Out for Counterfeit Viagra/Sildenafil

If you’re considering ordering your sildenafil online, however, you will need to be careful.

Viagra is one of the most counterfeited drugs worldwide. One study estimates that 44% to 90% of medications sold over the Internet are counterfeit.

The researchers also discovered that only 10% of the tablets examined were within 10% of the labeled strength. Worse, they found many samples contaminated with substances like paint, talcum powder, and printer ink.

Pfizer’s own Global Security team found that nearly 80% of online sites that claimed to sell Viagra were selling a counterfeit. They, too, found contaminants, including amphetamines, rat poison, and floor wax.

To educate consumers, Pfizer produced this video on how to avoid counterfeit Viagra and sildenafil.

Benefits of Ordering from eDrugstore

If you’re sold on the idea of ordering sildenafil online but are rightfully concerned about safety, consider doing business with, an Arizona-based prescription drug service that’s been in operation since the late 1990s.

eDrugstore welcomes their customers to call Pfizer directly with the lot numbers of their prescriptions to confirm that they’re genuine.

Ordering online also saves time and money and offers contact-free shopping in this time of social distancing.

You will also get a complimentary online consultation. If you are an appropriate candidate for sildenafil, a physician licensed to practice in your state will authorize your prescription.

Staffers will quickly fill your order, package it discreetly, and ship it to you free of charge. Your order will arrive with a complimentary pill-splitter.

Quality, convenience, and discretion are what distinguish eDrugstore from other online ED med facilitators. For your complimentary consultation, fast delivery, and free shipping, click here and get started today!

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