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Physical Activity Is One of the Best ED Treatments: Here’s Why

Did you know that combating erectile dysfunction could be as simple as a walk in the park? All you need to do is take these walks on a regular basis. Research shows that physical activity can reduce or even treat arterial ED problems in men. Get the tips to maximize the results of your workouts. 

How much exercise do you need to decrease ED?

According to a scientific review, conducted by researchers from Denmark, 40 minutes of training four times a week reduces erectile problems. Study participants experienced up to 86% improvement in their sexual performance. Consistency is key to success, so make sure you find the time to exercise every other day.

Why does physical activity help treat erectile dysfunction?

Physical activity and men’s sexual performance have one thing in common: blood flow. Good circulation helps men get and maintain an erection. By exercising, you make sure your circulatory system works well.

Besides, vascular problems, such as high blood pressure, can damage the arteries that pump blood into the penis. A weekly training routine helps prevent and cure these types of health concerns.

What kind of exercise works best?

Getting in shape to combat ED requires some consistency. You will also need to choose the right type of physical activity. Scientists recommend moderate to vigorous exercise. It doesn’t mean you have to start jogging if you hate it. Choose whatever feels fun to do. Enjoy cycling? Take that bike out for a ride! Used to love swimming? Hit the pool again. Don’t know where to start? Get inspired by this article on our blog.

More health benefits of exercise

Getting in shape is always a good idea. It helps you maintain a healthy weight or lose the extra pounds. You get your blood pressure and cholesterol under control. You build your self-confidence. All these further improve your sexual functioning and help combat ED. And if you get active together with your partner, your relationship will get an instant boost of energy and excitement. So, sign up for that dance class for couples now!

dancing helps combat erectile dysfunction
Exercise can be fun even in your own kitchen!

Where to start?

Many people think that starting is the hardest part of developing a fitness routine. The biggest challenge, however, is sticking to the program long enough to see positive effects. A study of ex-gym members showed that only 10% attended the fitness club regularly after joining.

The key to keeping your resolutions is taking it step by step. Literally. So, if you haven’t done any exercises in a long time, start walking. According to Harvard Health, daily 30-minute walks could reduce ED risk by 41%. If taking a stroll can work as prevention, it may help beat the existing condition as well.

As soon as you feel stronger, increase the walking pace. After a while, you can transition to some light jogging or other types of exercise which raise your pulse.

You need to wait to see the results.

Physical activity can be a great remedy for ED. There is one downside, however. The Danish study mentioned above revealed that positive results of an exercise regime are visible only after 6 months. Waiting for your health to improve doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sexual activity. Luckily, effective medication such as Viagra or Levitra can provide immediate help to men dealing with erectile dysfunction. Click here to learn about your options.

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