Living with Erectile Dysfunction – Over 84 Million Men Have ED

Reviewed by: Daniel Williams, MD

Over 84 million adult males are currently living with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), and reports show that not even ten percent of these men are likely to seek treatment. The largest reason for keeping ED to yourself is clearly psychological, since many men have in their head it would be better for them to deny they are currently suffering with ED than to contact a doctor for help.

As many as half of all men will experience some form of Erectile Dysfunction by their 40s, which may lead to limited sexual intimacy due to the lack of sexual confidence involved.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) conducted a poll in 2002 that came back with some rather surprising results about how many adult males suffer with ED. Their results showed that between 15-30 million adult males were suffering from a chronic form of Erectile Dysfunction in the U.S (5). This means that 10%-20% of the entire male population of the United States was affected by this condition. This has been up to 31% in another national study in 1999 (2), which means over 84 million men are affected! Links for census data and survey results are included below (2,3).

Because ED is the cause of unfortunate psychological and physical symptoms for a significant number of adult males, men might ask themselves if they are being affected by this condition.

The popularity of the internet has given an outlet for ED patients. Many websites are dedicated to addressing and discussing health topics like Erectile Dysfunction.

Relationship Damage
Clearly, those who are afflicted with Erectile Dysfunction are affected in both mind and body, which can ultimately cause the relationship to suffer as well (4). Erectile Dysfunction can affect intimacy, and men are not the only ones adversely affected by an inability to sexually perform. ED can also cause a relationship to suffer significant emotional drawbacks for women as well.

From the male point of view, being unable to deliver a sexually satisfying performance is something personal and a problem that affects only them. From the female point of view, a decrease in sexual activity and performance often makes them feel like the ones responsible, and makes them believe they are at fault. They may even develop issues with their body. Both sides of a relationship can suffer greatly when dealing with the troubles that ED can bring. Even strong bonds can begin to dissolve over time.

Treatment Options
ED does not have to ruin your life, and it shouldn’t take away the most precious moments of an intimate relationship. There are many treatment options out there that are FDA-approved, safe for use, and able to treat all the common physical issues caused by Erectile Dysfunction.

Men now have choices when it comes to battling the sometimes difficult challenges associated with ED. In turn, women no longer have to feel they are in some part responsible for the strains that ED caused in a relationship.

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