Levitra and Vardenafil Prices at Amazon

Amazon is a retail juggernaut, but they’ve been lacking a solid toe-hold in the healthcare arena. Their prescription drug service, Amazon Pharmacy, is offering Levitra and vardenafil at lower prices, but the savings are mixed.

Amazon doesn’t mess around when it comes to outpricing the competition, and Amazon Pharmacy is no different. Their prices on erectile dysfunction drugs like Levitra and its generic, vardenafil, are generally lower than the industry average. However, we’ve seen prices vary widely over a period of time, and even stop carrying Levitra altogether.

A Quick Word on the Numbers

Amazon Pharmacy drug price quotes can be difficult to sort through and compare, as the listed price isn’t always for the same quantity. To make things clearer, we’ll be standardizing the data by calculating and reporting the price per tablet. This is simply dividing the price listed on Amazon by the listed quantity. 

Average price across the retail pharmacy sector is also listed for comparison. We conduct monthly pricing surveys of 17 major retail and online pharmacies to get these prices.

Here’s a table that summarizes the prices you can expect from Amazon Pharmacy for brand-name Levitra and generic vardenafil. Keep in mind that these are the cash prices without insurance; if you have prescription insurance coverage, your cost may be substantially lower if these drugs are included in your plan.

NOTE: Amazon doesn’t appear to carry Levitra in April 2022, but we will keep you updated if that changes.

DrugStrengthPriceQuantityPrice/TabletAverage Retail Price/
Levitra10 mg N/A30
Levitra20 mgN/A30
Vardenafil10 mg$29.9010$2.99$10.08
Vardenafil20 mg$59.8010$5.98$20.14

Levitra Prices at Amazon Pharmacy

We were unable to get prices for Levitra for April; it appears that Amazon is not currently carrying the brand-name of vardenafil, and hasn’t since February.

Vardenafil Prices at Amazon Pharmacy

Meanwhile, generic vardenafil prices have dropped relative to the industry average.

Vardenafil 10 milligrams

At $2.99, you can save more than $7 off the industry average of $10.08 for 10 milligrams of generic vardenafil. Since December 2021 it’s declined by $2.17.

Vardenafil 20 milligrams

Again, 20 mg of generic vardenafil is twice the price of a 10 milligram pill; at $5.98, it’s well below the April 2022 industry average of $20.14. That’s nearly half what it was in December 2021.

Always Shop Around

On a day-to-day basis, Amazon might be the best deal, at least in terms of dollars and cents. Yet Amazon is as vulnerable to supply chain issues and other concerns as other pharmacies, possibly more so, and the sudden disappearance of Levitra at the beginning of 2022 says as much.

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