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Last Longer in Bed: Try Ancient Approach to Erectile Dysfunction

In a nutshell: The ancient Tao philosophy offers many exercises that can help men last longer in bed and reduce symptoms of ED. One of the main principles is to save sexual energy by having orgasms without ejaculating. Is this technique safe? What are the benefits of Taoist practices? Learn the exercises that can improve your sex life.

Who wouldn’t want to last longer in bed and enjoy multiple orgasms? Taoist practices promise an increase in sexual energy, better health, and connection with the partner. Many of the exercises could also help men with erectile dysfunction.

Sperm as Source of Sexual Energy

Taoists believe in the energy called qi. You may have heard of it if you have tried acupuncture. The goal of Tao is to transform this energy and achieve harmonious balance. Taoists believe that male sexual energy is stored in sperm.

Ejaculate is extremely powerful as it has the potential to create new life. The production of sperm takes up a lot of energy and is also demanding for the hormone and immune systems. This approach teaches that men should save their qi by reducing the number of ejaculations. The energy saved during intercourse can be processed in other ways.

Taoists believe in the energy called qi
Taoists believe in the energy called qi

Followers of Tao believe that there are special energy points in the body, something like chakras. The force that is generated during orgasm but not released with sperm can circulate through those points and nurture the man’s body and soul.

For women, the power center is the ovaries. An intimate connection between a man and a woman that doesn’t end in ejaculation is believed to balance the yin and yang (female and male) qualities.

Men who follow Tao principles say that they experience deeper pleasure and can last longer in bed. Some are even able to experience multiple orgasms.

Are Orgasms Without Ejaculation Safe?

You may be wondering if trying out these ancient Chinese techniques is safe. After all, isn’t ejaculation a natural function of the body? And what happens to the semen that isn’t released when ejaculate is withheld? Not to worry. All healthy men produce sperm in their testicles. If you go a long time without intercourse or masturbation, sperm will be reabsorbed into the body.

Some guys have a condition called retrograde ejaculation. In their case, the seminal fluid flows backward into the bladder instead of out through the urethra. Even here, medical practitioners don’t see any health risks. (The only concern is the ability to conceive.)

At the moment we don’t have scientific evidence to prove that semen retention is dangerous for your health. The only thing to consider is a possible link between the frequency of ejaculation and prostate cancer, though research done so far on this connection is inconclusive.

Some studies have suggested a link between frequent ejaculations and reduced risk of prostate cancer. Another study revealed that men who had frequent ejaculations at a young age had, in fact, higher chances of developing prostate cancer.  To be on the safe side, you might want to practice semen retention occasionally instead of all the time.

Orgams without ejaculation are regarded as safe
Orgasms without ejaculation are regarded as safe

Taoist Approach to ED

Tao is more than stopping the flow of semen; it’s a lifestyle. It includes healthy eating, meditation, movement, and massage techniques. Taoist rules promise to make you mentally stable, resistant to disease, and youthful through old age.

Tao philosophy treats erectile dysfunction as a sign of imbalance in the body and mind. To process sexual energy and exchange it with a partner, a man should be able to achieve a stable erection. Taoists developed practices to help men combat ED.

What is interesting in this approach is the appreciation of the flaccid penis. While hardness is associated with yang qualities, Taoists do not regard a soft penis as inactive. Chinese teachers say it is in the state of yin energy. Too much yin could lead to erectile difficulties. As with all ancient healing traditions, the key to sexual health is to find balance.

What are the Taoist Exercises to Improve Male Virility?

Some Tao exercises are best done standing
Some Tao exercises are best done standing

Mantak Chia and Michael Winn describe Tao sexual practices in their book “Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy.” For best results, they advise reducing the number of ejaculations as much as possible. Here are some of the techniques:

  • Breath of the Testicles

This exercise is aimed at increasing male virility. You should do it standing up. On an inhale, imagine you are raising your testicles in the scrotum. On an exhale, allow them to drop down. You should do from 36 to 108 breaths in one session.

  • Three Fingers Method

This exercise is often recommended by modern sex therapists to delay ejaculation. It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is put pressure on your perineum right before orgasm. The perineum is the tissue between your scrotum and anus.

Taoists advise using the three longest fingers of the right hand. You may need some training to squeeze at the right moment. You should keep the pressure until orgasmic contractions subside.

Relax with Erotic Tao Massage

Intimate massage can be an excellent way to connect with your partner on a deeper level. The Tao approach has the extra benefit of balancing your energy. Here are some tips on how to give a man a sexual massage, from a book by Stephen Russel and Jürgen Kolb, “The Art of Tao Sexual Massage”:

  • Before starting the ritual, make sure the room is warm enough. Prepare a good-quality oil such as sweet almond oil. Create a sensual atmosphere.
  • The massage has three phases:
    • Preparation and opening of the energy channels
    • Main part, done while lying on the belly
    • Final part on the back, during which sexual energy is aroused and distributed throughout the body

To finish the process, you massage the face.

Create a pleasant atmosphere for the massage
Create a pleasant atmosphere for the massage

The massage may lead to penetrative intercourse, but it can be a ritual in itself. If you suffer from ED, you may feel like it’s a relief to receive pleasurable touch without the pressure to prove yourself.

Combining Taoist Practices with Western Medicine

Learning to control your ejaculations with the use of Tao does not mean giving up on sex altogether. Use the breathing and muscle exercises to improve your sexual functioning. And remember to get a medical assessment for your ED symptoms.

Make an appointment with your family physician for a health checkup. You can also visit eDrugstore.com for a confidential online consultation with a U.S. licensed physician. If appropriate, you will get a prescription for a lifestyle medication such as Viagra or Cialis that will help you enjoy greater intimacy with your partner.

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