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Intimate Yoga for Couples: Can It Help Your ED?


  • Yoga for couples is a sequence of poses and breathing techniques you do with a partner. 
  • Regular yoga practice can help prevent or reduce symptoms of erectile dysfunction
  • Intimate couples’ yoga can improve your sex life and your relationship. 
  • Yoga alone cannot treat your ED, but it can improve it.

Imagine warm bodies moving in unison. Two people breathing in one rhythm. Deep breathing, sweating, and feeling blissful. Sounds exciting? It should be! But this is not a description of steamy sex. It’s yoga for couples! Practicing yoga together can improve your sex life and help you overcome challenges, such as erectile dysfunction. 

What’s Yoga For Couples?

If you think yoga is only for hippies who walk around in baggy pants, chanting “om” all the time, it’s time for a reality check. Yes, the practice of yoga is thousands of years old, and it’s a spiritual path for many people. But you don’t have to go all in to reap its benefits. 

Intimate yoga is sometimes called yoga for couples, or partner yoga. A typical session will be a series of poses (called asanas) you do with a partner. It’s OK to exercise with clothes on, but if you want to make the experience special, do it in underwear or nothing at all. (Assuming you’re practicing at home, of course!)

Partner yoga is different from solo practice because you coordinate movement and breathing with another person. In some positions, your bodies will touch and you will support your partner or lean on them. 

If you’re new to yoga, know that there are different styles you can try out. The classic one is hatha yoga, but there are also types designed for partnered practice, such as acro yoga or tantric yoga. 

Man and woman smiling in a meditating pose on the beach
In yoga for couples, you coordinate your movements and breathing

Benefits Of Couples Yoga For Men With ED

If you’re still on the fence about partner yoga, here’s a convincing reason to try: It can help reduce or prevent symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 

Yoga can:

Improve Blood Flow

For most men, ED is caused by poor circulation of blood to the penis. Yoga exercises can improve cardiovascular health and blood flow. Some poses mobilize your pelvis, so you’ll get more blood pumping in all the right places!

Reduce Stress

Stress can be an erection-killer. If you want yours back, you most likely need to get your stress levels under control. The calm sequence of yoga poses combined with deep breathing is perfect for that. Even if you’re a type-A personality, exercising with a partner will help you slow down. 

Decrease Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is another common cause of ED. If you’re self-conscious about your body in the bedroom, a couples’ yoga routine may be just what you need. You’ll notice that your partner accepts you for who you are, even if you can’t bend yourself into a pretzel. 

Yoga is an exercise in acceptance. And the less you worry during sex, the higher your chance of keeping that erection. 

Promote Better Health

If erections are not a problem at the moment, doing yoga with your partner will help you keep it that way. The exercises have many health benefits, such as weight loss and anxiety reduction. They also help prevent certain diseases, such as diabetes, which can cause ED later in life. 

Intimate Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life

Couples’ yoga is not just for sexual problems. Those odd-looking stretches and bends can also make you a better lover. And if you’re exercising as a couple, you both get a boost of sexual energy. 

Yoga Increases Sex Drive

Working out with your lover, dressed in tight-fitting clothes (or even better, completely naked) is guaranteed to get your juices flowing. If you’ve been in a relationship longer than you can remember, introducing yoga into your life can make you both horny again. 

What’s more, research shows that yoga improves women’s sexual functioning, including desire levels. Say goodbye to, “Not tonight honey, I have a headache!” 

You Become More Flexible

Have you noticed how some of the sex positions from the Kamasutra resemble yoga poses? Those ancient Indians were definitely onto something.

Practicing the asanas will increase your body’s range of movement — very useful if you want to experiment in the bedroom. And the beauty of yoga is that it will increase your flexibility even if you’re a couch potato. Just stick with it!

Practice with your partner at least twice a week, and soon you’ll be able to make love in more demanding positions. 

Your Intimate Communication Improves

Why are some men great in bed? Hint: It has nothing to do with their penis size. The best lovers are the ones who can read their partner’s body signals and lead them toward more pleasure. 

The absolute masters of sex are the guys who are not afraid to talk about their sexual needs. Yoga for couples will give you those communication skills. To do the poses, you need to cooperate with your partner — both verbally and nonverbally. 

You Get To Have Fun Again

Last but not least, yoga for couples can bring playfulness back into your life (and bedroom) again. It really is kind of a Twister game for adults, isn’t it? 

Who said yoga has to be serious? You might as well get a good laugh as you try and fail to get into position. And if you take that fun mood straight into the bedroom, amazing things can happen. 

Man and woman smiling in a meditating pose
Couples’ yoga can be fun and playful

How Yoga For Couples Can Help Your Relationship

OK, now you know that yoga can up your sexual game, but there’s more good news. The practice can have a positive impact on your relationship beyond the bedroom.

Here’s how.

  • Better relationship quality. Research suggests that couples who participate in novel and exciting activities report improved quality of life together. Having an interest in common is also a good foundation for a happy relationship.
  • More trust. To succeed in couples’ yoga, you need to rely on each other. You literally ask your partner to support the weight of your body in some poses. If they let go, you fall. Partner yoga teaches you to trust your partner and to ask for help when you need it. 
  • Collaborative problem solving. Have you ever tried doing a tree pose in yoga together? It’s not easy, balancing on one leg, with one arm up and the palm of your other hand touching your partner. Couples yoga teaches you to solve problems together. The more you practice, the more you learn how to overcome obstacles and move forward. 
Man and woman doing yoga
Doing the tree pose is an exercise in collaboration

Get Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Intimate yoga for couples is worth a try if you want to improve your sex life. It can also help when you’re struggling with ED. But if intimate yoga doesn’t completely solve your problem, it may be time to seek medical treatment. 

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